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  1. try exfoliating with the jojoba oil before you cleanse. it didnt work for me but has worked for a lot of other people. lol and im not sure u can pick all your flakes off wtih tweezers. try tape? lol, it might irritate ur skin a bit tho. good luck!
  2. I think you should suggest paying for it yourself. Make a deal with your mom. Give it a 3 month trial and if it works, tell your mom to keep buying it for you. But if it doesnt, you'll pay for the things you already bought. Its like a win win situation. If it doesnt work, your mom didnt lose any money. If it does, your mom will pay for it. Am i making myself clear? LOL
  3. have you tired jojoba oil or using AHA? i think it would help with your dryness and flakiness
  4. Clean and Clear have lots of SA products so check out their line of products. I would reconmend the C&C blackhead clearing scrub with 2% SA.
  5. i dont think so... but why would you apply it if you don't have acne? i would suggest a simple and gentle cleanser and moisturizer
  6. Glad you're progressing well. Atleast better than me. I think im taking a bit longer. And plus, i dont take any supplements. I mean, i'm only 13 for god sake. I dont think thats healthy for me. haha, well good luck to you, aiden! i really mean it
  7. hm, maybe..Olay complete for sensitive skin with SPF 15 added with a few drops of jojoba oil.
  8. If you want to use SA and BP together, i suggest you use the Clean and Clear Blackhead clearing scrub and then the Clean and Clear Contionous Control with 10%Bp.It has worked quite well for a lot of people on this site. Here, lemme see if i can find you the post. ... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/what-has-...cts-t11566.html here you go. i hope it helps.
  9. Isn't top-to-toe the best? its so gentle and everything! if your having problems with flaking, i suggest you use the corn&oat exfoliating mousse. you can buy it at watsons. thats where i bought it atleast. Good luck!
  10. Try Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin with SPF 15. Its a really nice moisturizer and moisturizes pretty well expecially when 1-2 drops of jojoba oil is added. But even without the jojoba oil, its still really nice.
  11. Great to hear the regimen works so well for you. but man, I wished the regimen started working for me in 3 days. ): But oh well, i'm on my third week and i'm starting to clear up. yay.