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  1. i'm in the same exact boat although i never thought i'd be. while battling acne, i never thought that things could go from back to worse where now all these tiny lines on my forehead and around my eyes are coexisting with acne. i never expected this. every article i've read says that lines do not appear over night. that you simply overlooked what was growing on your face. given my obsessive nature of inspecting my face under natural lighting every chance i can get, i can say with complete c
  2. thank you for all the info, lamarr.
  3. Is there a good reason for my dermaroller coming with instructions to dispose of only after one use?
  4. Here to confirm that this niacin is working with great results. I take 250 mg in the morning (of non flush niacin) and 250 mg in the evening, always with a meal. My acne isn't severe but enough to be concerned about. I've had acne (on and off) for 10+ years, dancing from one treatment to another (including accutane, antiobiotics, ProActive, tea tree, apple cider vinegar, etc.). They all varied in terms of results but obviously, nothing lasted long enough in the long term. My acne is very
  5. Thank you for the information. Does anybody know of where I can buy this product? Thank you.
  6. After using every product, prescription, non prescription, holistic methods, vinegar, baking soda, having my acne go from bad to worse, I finally got the acne under control and after ten years, my red marks were finally faded to the point of not being an eyesore........only to wake up a few days ago with a crop of big ass pus filled pimples that look like they're going to be around for a while. It feels like shit because it took practically a decade to fade out my red marks. Now I'm back to squa
  7. Is there any makeup that is appropriate for individuals with HUGE pores? The whole idea of compact/foundation is to enhance the skin but in my case, everything seems to enhance the fact that I have big ass pores. It looks nasty, especially in sunlight or in shadows. by the way, is it true that not much can be done to drastically minimize large pores? Is it pretty much genetically determined? I know of some methods that minimize pores but only on a small level. I'm a bit concerned because I've
  8. I really feel you on your struggles. While I don't feel suicidal in response to my skin, I have been dealing with thoughts of suicide for the longest time. It's odd...some days seem tolerable, others good, and then there are those nights where I'm hoping I'd wake up dead. I know this sounds cliche and simple but what eventually keeps me going are the things in life that I enjoy, gardening, the environment, my interest in art...I'm sure you can find plenty of good in your life...Skin and physical
  9. Well, as I recommended in another post, you should consider delna's regimen that is specifically aimed at getting rid of red marks. It might require more ingredients that you would like but it has proven to be effective with many people. BTW, I'm curious to know why your sister hasn't taken any steps to treat her acne..Is she comfortable with her acne?
  10. I strongly encourage you to read through delna's post outlining her treatment with red marks using baking soda, apple cider vinegar, egg whites, etc. I know this sounds bizarre but I barely started her regimen today and already I'm seeing some improvement in my skin. As far as treating existing pimples/cysts, it seems like neosporin seems to be pretty effective in preventing scarring.
  11. regular supermarket Thanks adam. Found the stuff. And thanks to whoever was considerate enough to up the post for us.
  12. John700, I appreciate your reply. Actually, I went ahead to a supermarket and found exactly what I was looking for. Looks like this stuff is pretty accessible despite my never having heard of it. By the way, are you seeking good results? I know everyone's skin is different but it's just nice knowing how effective something as simple as vinegar can be.