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  1. i use epiduo once every night befor i go to bed. It hasnt made me clear yet but defintly a HUGE improvement. I have pretty sensitive skin and i would get all flakey but my skin is almost completely adjusted. my sis also has acne and tried it and it hasnt worked very well for her so really it works for some and not for others but i defintly reccomend trying it.
  2. you seem like a nice person so i did a lil research. Chlorine will kill any germs inside but it will also damage the tissue tryin to heal. So Chlorine will cause the healing process of the scab to go slower
  3. Yea i also have a really red chin that makes it look like ive got even worse acne than i actually do. Im not sure wether this is cause by face products or not. What i have noticed though is that when i first wake up it dosnt look that bad but after i take my shower it looks alot worse.
  4. i heard infra red light was really good for acne treatment but thats all i hear. So i was wondering... How many times and for how long should i use the infrared light on my face? Is it completely safe or should i like cover my eyes?
  5. thanks im glad to hear it worked for u

  6. That stuff is great! It took my skin a little while to adjust but....it's awesome!! My skin isn't dry or irritated like before. And even the clogged pores in between my lower lip and where my chin starts to curve... all of that is unclogging. That stuff is definately worth a try for you. Good Luck!!

  7. i would just like to thank the both of u for serving our country
  8. Not true. My roommate eats nothing but junk food (candy, potato chips, pop, etc.), no fruits/vegetables, only showers once a week unless I tell him to shower more, and he has no acne whatsoever. i wouldnt say diet is the cause of acne but it defintly can make it worse so if ur roomate's skin isn't acne prone there is a good chance he wont get acne from his diet. And if i were you i would tell him to shower more
  9. well u dont have to completly change ur diet but u could always cut down on a few things
  10. how am i supposed to break this to my mom she just bought me a huge bottle of toner. o well
  11. straight from the article "In recent years, studies have shown that what matters may not be sugar itself but a food's glycemic index, or the speed and extent to which it raises blood glucose levels. Foods that have a high glycemic index and as a result raise glucose levels rapidly - cause the body to release a flood of insulin or other hormones, which some scientist suspect can stimulate oil production and inflame the skin"
  12. article says "foods like white bread, sweetend cereals, and pasta" all are bad for acne and if that's not good enough for u look like a pizza face for ever i dont care
  13. according to an article in the new york times eating anything like white bread or white flour is bad for acne
  14. oh, thank you! but unfortunately, its not my eye. I do have blue eyes, but the pics never turn out :) You can see my real eyes in my gallery :)