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  1. Didn't work for me either. Toma
  2. Are you high? brown or red potato? haha come on, what the heck is potato going to do? Apple cider has acidity and i used it for a while and didn't do crap for the scars so what is potaot going to do? Fine you can insult me all you want, i was just trying to help. But since you dont need any, fine. You can think all you want and live with your scars, without even trying to fix your skin. SORRY FOR TRYING TO HELP!!!!! MR. SURELY IF YOU ARE SO SMART WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE EVEN ASKING FO
  3. Hahhahaha.........believe it or not natural products work way better that some chemicals, which also harm your skin. Toma
  4. Get a potato Grind it into small pieces, put it on your face. Leave it for 30 min. Works wonders for any type of scars. Toma
  5. Toma


    I use pure&basic, works great for me plus only natural ingriedients. Toma
  6. Yes, no one responded to my Introduction message either. Toma
  7. cinn05, I know how you feel i had a similar expierance with a dermatologist. The point is these dermatologists dont want to do shit. And the only thing they prescribe is antibiotics, which dont help. Or they help, but kill other system in your body. This girl that i know whom also goes to the same facialist that i do, had a derm prescribe her these VERY strong antibiotics, it helped her. But she had to stop? Why because the antiobiotics burned her stomach, and now she cannot eat normal foods, c