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  1. How do you delete topics you've created?
  2. I'm sorry to hear about that - it sucks The same thing happened to me actually. At first Proactiv worked beautifully on my skin, but then all of a sudden it just stopped (I guess my face had built up immunity against it) and I broke out worse than ever. It took quite awhile before I started seeing any improvement again. The reason that Proactiv isn't working now for you is probably because your face got so used to it. Have you spoken to a dermatologist? I think that maybe you should try Di
  3. Honestly, I find your skin doesn't look that bad. You have a really nice complexion and I probably wouldn't have noticed your acne if you hadn't mentioned it. Anyway, based on the pictures, I think that you should keep doing what your doing because your face is looking good - and switching products may make your face worse (though it may also help it improve as well - it's still risky) but yea, that's what I would do. If your skin is flaking and itchy, what moisturizer are you using? Maybe try a
  4. I agree with this. The exact same thing happened to me. I used Proactiv for awhile and at first it was great. My skin had never been clearer. Then it started making my skin really tough and gave me a million blackheads. I decided to stop, which I did really abruptly and my skin broke out like mad. So if I were you, I'd definitely stop slowly and carefully. Hope everything works out
  5. This isn't a vitamin, but I heard that Burdock Root extracts are supposed to help flush out and clean the skin from the inside. You just put a few drops in your water and drink it once a day. I tried it for awhile, though I was on a million other things at the same time and it didn't clear me up completely but it did take away some of the redness.
  6. I tried it for about a month - maybe a little longer. I hated it. It made my skin the oiliest it has ever been. The cream used for the third step made my face looked as if it was covered in saran wrap. It was gross and all day I felt all greasy and oily. However, not all skin types are the same, and I have heard that this regimen has worked for some people. Give it a try - why not? What works for you may not work for all of us. Good luck
  7. If I were you I'd take the BC pill before Accutane anyday. Accutane seems to be the "miracle cure" everyone is looking for, but I heard that the only reason for this is because it destroys the sebum glands in the face, stopping the oil-flow to the pores completely. That's why a side effect is dryness. Instead of balancing your skin and the excess oil it just damages your face long-term. Whatever you do, however, I hope it works out
  8. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! I just started Diane and am on week 3. Hopefully it starts to work soon. Just wondering - what type of acne did you have to begin with?
  9. I'm not sure about Spyro, but I'm on Diane-35 and I'm just about finished my first two weeks. So far there have been no side effects or any major improvement, but I've heard that it's supposed to clear skin after about 3 months, so I guess I'll just have to be patient. Anyways, I hope whatever you choose works for you, and good luck!
  10. I've had acne since I was in grade 7 and over the years it got worse and worse. I've tried a lot of products - oral and topical - but nothing seems to work, and if it does, it's only for awhile and then I start breaking out again. Now my doctor put me on the BCP Diane-35 and said that he thinks that it will help a lot. I'm really hoping that it does. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this to cure their moderate acne and how it went for them, and how long it is until you see results.