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  1. Well this worked for me, but I wouldn't know about you. If you scar easily on your body, don't try it.. and this is going against everything some has told you.. But I scratched the hell out of my arm acne. I mean I killed all my cells until my entire arm was completely red. I then took a tissue, wet it, and rubbed over everything(I had popped every big/little zit)(mind you I only had like small zits). The next day I put Clearisil Cream(BP) over it, and when some of it flaked off I found it all
  2. I think I'm beginning to "grow out" of acne already. A year ago I started getting mild-moderate bacne and alot on my shoulders and chest aswell. Now it's been four months with only small, small, small, small bumps(I'm talking a half a cenimeter and only two or three) and my face acne is also beginning to go away.. Wish me luck
  3. You aren't going to get a good responce here, buddy. Most people here have late teen acne/adult acne. Generally people who have acne around the ages of 16-18 get out of it by 20-24... and I'm guessing "oily skin" is part of that.
  4. If I get the name of the scientist who cures acne, I'm staulking him
  5. Anyone know something that could help redness around my nose? It basicaly goes from underneath my eyes down to my upperlip and it's really annoying.... Does moisturizer help it? I tried toner but that seems to make it redder.
  6. Poor hygene solving acne, lol. Just hope you don't get crabs or lice!
  7. Lol, now that's a booster shot to my confidence(....horrible line I know). Haha, thanks.
  8. Well I'm 14. This was taken a few months ago. My acne has kinda switched. I think I'm mild. I don't stress like most people here do(this is so i dont get attacked like blondie ). Anyway here I am. I'm red cuz I overdid BP. It's sideways.. Oh well. Photoshop is down.
  9. Besides from the fact the camera was probaly top class, the lighting is bad, and it's right in his face- yea I feel good.
  10. Start off with once a day. You can probaly do it morning and night if you want... Fast results might not come though. It depends on the person
  11. Hickies are when blood is rushed to the surface of your skin. Ice might work slightly.. She did just give you a hickie- right? she didnt bite the skin and tear it..
  12. Well when I was young my problem was my weight. I was fat.. but now I'm skinny and muscular. I don't make fun of fat people nor do I think less of them. I also didn't do the same for people who had physical problems. Well once my acne is gone, I gurantee I'll never look down on someone for their looks. EVER.
  13. Well just think--- non acne people will be more prone to getting wrinkles, skin cancer, and other "late" problems. "Payback"? :-/