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  1. Actually it's both. By changing the type of food you eat you can also reduce IGF-1 and become insulin sensitive. http://www.thiele.fptoday.com/ta/acnehome.htm By intermittent fasting you can decrease inflammation, increase healing and become insulin sensitive as well. So that can work as well.
  2. I prefer single blade razor. I use a cleanser to shave that has a conditioner in it, 2 in 1 shampoo actually, other than that a shave gel with a lot of lubricants in it works well. Its the only time I wash my face each day. I just rinse off after the shave with warm water. Shaving in the shower when beard has been well soaked is better as well. If I use a cleanser after that (more than once in the day) my face would get very dry and irritated, so I never do it. If I shower again later in day (at
  3. When I ate every 2 to 4 hours my skin was at its worst. My body fat % was low as well then. Eating at that frequency will keep you in an anabolic state, acne, inflammation, poor healing, and your insulin levels will be riding high, especially IGF-1 (which ironically is what you want to build big muscles), insulin resistance. I'm still muscular though even though I am now at 2000 calories with just 3 meals a day, though people would describe me as athletic not muscle bound.
  4. I use it once a day only. I do use a 10% formula though with lactic acid and moisturiser built in, and don't care about being gentle, so not exactly Dan's Regimen.
  5. Stick with it. BP is the most clinically proven effective treatment for acne and it's cheap and safe, been around for about a century now. Read Dan's story it covers every aspect you talk about. The only down side, it bleaches clothes! But I can live with that, just buy cheap T-Shirts and try and be careful. The combination of AHA with BP for me got me from 90% (BP Only) to 99.9% (BP with Lactic Acid) clear, not so as you'd notice the .01% ) .
  6. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20488582 This study published ahead of time showed the huge effective difference a combo of Salicylic Acid (BHA) with Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) compared to BP alone. My own experience of using Quinoderm just once a day which has Lactic Acid (AHA) as well as 5% or 10% BP has been superb for over a year now. I use the 10% version with no dry skin or irritation. No need for moisturizer on BP covered area either as that is within formula with and it's not greasy. I th
  7. You're in the UK? I'm curious about your cleanser...wondering if it's similar to something that's over here, called Panoxyl...? The cleanser in my signature was just something I was using at the time, at the moment I am using head & shoulders as a cleanser. The BP really is the important bit. I found Panoxyl aqua gels very irritating but their cream version fine. As I said the formula matters, Quinoderm just allows me to use something once a day probably cos of strength and lactic acid
  8. I use Quinoderm (5% or 10%) for over a year now. Wonderful stuff, 100% clear. I am sure the added lactic acid and petroleum jelly and antibacterial/anti-inflammatory (which also reduces redness) makes all the difference for me. I tried other BP brands and only moderate improvement with drying. I only use Quinoderm 10% once a day after a shower and don't additionally moisturize as it is moisturizing with the added ingredients of lactic acid and petroleum jelly. Whilst I don't follow the regimen
  9. If you now have scars, even where there was never any acne, it maybe that the skin has exfoliated and calmed down to reveal old scars. Or are they definitely scars, not lines of tightness? I've never heard of Benzoyl Peroxide alone causing scars in all the studies I have read, and would be surprised especially at 2.5%.
  10. You are right I don't do the regimen, I am not gentle either but I thought I'd answer his question as my experience may be helpful. Just slapping on 10% after a shower once a day is fast. I used to do the regimen, very gently, moisturizer, twice a day, etc. Didn't work very well I am afraid and took ages. I believed all of the 2.5% being as effective as 10% stuff because of that 1 study over 25 years ago. However I thought I'd at least try 10%, anxiously, but now wish I'd tried it years ago. I t
  11. I get away with once a day, after my morning shower now. I am not gentle and don't use moisturizer on BP area (nose and beard area) I also use 10% (Quinoderm) so it's quite fast. If I have to shower again in day such as after gym then I will reapply. I used to only apply at night to avoid bleaching clothes and wash it off in morning shower but got sick of doing it at night before bed. It seems slightly better having it on 24 hours a day with one application then only about 12 when I was on night
  12. I have been using Quinoderm 10% BP for about a year and my skin looks young. With other BP brands even 2.5% my skin looked dry and wrinkly. That is not old age just dryness. Quinoderm has petrolatum (Vaseline basically) which really keeps skin hydrated. My neck and shoulders got very wrinkly as BP spreads so I use Vaseline essential moisturizer on those areas and now my skin looks fine. It took 5 years for me by trial and error to get BP to work for me, if I stop acne comes back. BP works by exf
  13. I use a lot of Quinoderm a full middle fingers worth. I notice in times of extreme stress (maybe going to Uni in your case) I will get very very mild breakouts but without Quinoderm it would be way worse. Switching to twice a day in stressful periods helps. Stress related acne has been pretty much proved in a study a few years ago so it is a factor. I rarely ever use moisturizer over Quinoderm if I do I wait until it is completely dry and use a tiny amount, just enough. I am not gentle, but
  14. Well I found that moisturizers applied after Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) can be a problem depending on moisturizer, they can cause burning. I hardly use any moisturizer, only on my lower neck usually, where there is no BP. The lactic acid in Quinoderm is what stings but like BP skin gets used to it if you start with small application and work up to more, 1 middle finger long in my case. My skin was sensitive to all this stuff years ago but now I can whack on any BP up to 10% with no problem, but the
  15. Quinoderm 10% is the best, been using it for months and months and months, about a year. Only once a day is fine for me.