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  1. I'm on Retin-A and I got my eyebrows waxed yesterday HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID It ripped off so much of my skin!! I have huge red burn marks all around my eyebrows and CUTS off to the side What do I do, guys?! I didn't even think.. I'm so stupid....
  2. I've been using Retin-A/Benzaclin for about 5 weeks and I recently just started using the Benzaclin every other morning, and my red marks have gone away more than 50% in the last 2 days! I am SO happy, I was getting so angry and I was gettig ready to go to my derm and yell at him. I don't know if this has helped make them go away or if its just a long-term thing kicking in, but try it out... Benzaclin every day makes your skin all crackly anyway.
  3. Well my active acne is gone 99% now, thanks to Retin-A?? Maybe?? I'm also on benzaclin, minocycline and ortho-tri-cyclen. Unfortunately, my skin looks kind of gross. It feels smooth, but I have quite a few very very dark red (almost maroon/brown) marks, and a lot of light pink-ish ones too. Red Marks DO go away no matter what, right??? I know it'll take time, but I just want to be sure that they will go away eventually. I'm going to keep taking my Retin-A until I see the derm. in about a month
  4. I got prescribed to Retin-A Micro/Minocyclin/Benzaclin less than two weeks ago. This is what I have observed: -Quite a bit of flaking but nothing that some moisturizer won't make ago away -I'm a little bit red... but mostly I just look like I'm blushing so I don't mind too much -I've only gotten one zit since, and it's nothing -Some of the light red marks have really lightened, but the really dark ones I don't see any difference in -One of the cysts that I had when I started is being really wei
  5. What if you're already on differin? are you as likely or less likely to experience the breakout?
  6. WELL, my skin finally stopped breaking out, thanks to... geez, i don't know I've tried so many things in the last few weeks. Vitamins, Burts Bees, aloe?? Today I bought the Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Solutions facewash for combination skin. Well, I have REALLY bad red marks and... my pale white skin is just basically ravaged from the last 2 months.... it says the wash has glycolic acid in it so I am really excited to see what this does. My dad says he refuses to pay for peels or anything so I
  7. STILL waiting to see the dermotologist........ The pimples I'm getting now have heads on them, but they are very small and are still turning a large area around them very red. Are these still cysts or what!? It seems like if I don't pop them, the whitehead and puss never comes out and just stays underneath and they stay around a long time and look more likely to leave scars. Any advice?
  8. I read that it isn't safe to use salycilic acid, alpha hydroxy, peels, etc. with Differin....... Well ive been using SA with it for years and now im doing some enzyme peels and aha too.... why isn it safe to mix thema round? extra dryness?? should i quit differin??
  9. what exactly do you mean by 'residual acne cysts'
  10. Other people who don't have acne don't have to do this stuff, and they've probably got as bad of livers as we do, so how is this supposed to help? Unfortunately, I'm also on medication that fucks up my liver, so.... I think it'd be pretty bad for me. I'm not allowed to eat grapefruit either.
  11. I started being treated for bipolar 1 disorder last October and first was put on a carbemazepine called Carbatrol. This was a good med, but I was tired a lot. So, I was switched to Lamictal. Lamictal is known for causing rashes and acne, and not even a week after I started I started to break out after having flawless skin for so long. I was switched to trileptal and the breakouts didn't stop, and are still coming. I have terrible hyperpigmentation. Does anyone know if this is due to photosens
  12. I've been on Differin for about 2 years, and I really don't think it's ever done much for me. God knows why I've stayed on it for so long! I have some really bad hyperpigmentation and some very very shallow scarring so after what I've read I think Retin-A sounds like a good alternative. Anyone know if I will still suffer the initial breakout with Retin-A?
  13. Well... I am going to quit using Differin tomorrow night and start using Botchla's. I can't really say whether Differin ever helped me, though I've been using it for 2 years. Anyone quit using Differin before, and will I break out from it?