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  1. Hello everyone. I've been a member here for quite some time, but I just surfed around and never posted or anything. Trying to find help mostly. I had horribe cystic acne since puberty. I eventually had the money to go on Accutane when I was in my mid 20's. My cyst went away completely, but I was left with depressed acne scars. It's taken me a while to find something that has worked. Although, I haven't tried lasers or chemical peels. I've tried the dermaroller- I'm a very impatient person, so th
  2. YESSSS!!! Well my rash is gone and when I called my Dr. yesterday and asked if my blood test came back okay I asked if she could increase my dosage. She said yes and increased it from 40mg to 80mg. I am happy but a little worried as that seems like quite a jump. Has anyone else had an increase like that and if so, was there a HUGE IB?? I'm scared of the 80 mg.. I was thinking more like 60mg. Thanks for any info Jess
  3. Thanks Carmen.. how are you doing on your course? I'm doing alright, just started and I'm only on day 3. Feeling depressed about it because I have so long to go and my entire face is covered in cysts. I guess I just have to wait it out.. I remeber that feeling.. I still feel that way and I'm on my third month, but closer to the end. The days went by fast for me. I had good days and then bad days. It seems as though I'll have 2 or 3 days of no breakouts and then BAM a couple cysts and r
  4. Thanks for all the info!!..you've been a great help!
  5. Thanks so much Alex, you really helped me put things in perspective. It's still hard for me to go on with my life withouth the effects of accutane always being a factor of why I can't do something. Before accutane, I was a very active person. I worked out, rollerbladed with my kids, all kinds of stuff, and now, I physically can't. My husband doesn't quite understand it though. My main problem I think is that my derm isn't being upfront with me. She told me I would clear in my third month and
  6. Okay guys, I'm in my third month and my Derm hasn't increased my dosage as I broke out in this horribly itchy rash on my under arm right before my Dr appt. She said she didn't want to make it worse by giving me 60mg. So I got another Rx for 40mg and Rx for Cortizone ream. I am still breaking out. I have 4 active cysts right now. I THOUGHT THE THIRD MONTH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE BEST!!. My hair is thining, I feel lazy all of the time, by the end of the day my eyes feel like sand paper, I feel stup
  7. hey there..I am on accutane right now (20 days into) and my derm and I talked about Spiro before I went on accutane and she said she wanted to wait until I was done with accutane to start the spiro. I didn't really ask why, but I'm sure she had a good reason.
  8. Really, there should be more people in movies suffering from acne! I'm tired of watching all those caked up, fake-perfect actors. It's like we don't even exist. Damn it, I wan't to see a movie with acne flaring around! Hope you did well anyway. Thank you and I agree!! I know I've seen Angelina Jolie have it in one of her movies and the chick that played in something about mary had it when she was in one of the Charlie's Angel movies. That guy who plays in lucky chuck or something like that ha
  9. I agree, although, I am married I've never had a problem finding a boyfriend. My friends don't care about my acne nor does my husband, but, I do. I don't want perfect skin, I just don't want painful swollen irritated skin. I want to have the freedom of going outside without make up and not get stares and wash my face without pain or lay my head on my pillow with out my face hurting (it can really get a person down). I tell my self FUCK THEM.. but I still deal with it inside. I can't deny the hur
  10. I was on set being an extra in a movie because I thought it would be fun. I knew there would be bright lights and that there was a possibility that you would be able to see the acne in the movie, but I had the chance to do something I really wanted to do and I didn't let my acne hold me back. I was getting my hair and makeup done (kept wondering what the makeup artisit was thinking) I eventually found out because while I was done getting my hair and makeup done this other girl that was getting h
  11. okay, what some people don't understand here is that confidence is easily faked! I agree that there are some people out there who have such a great personality that people overlook their acne, but, that doesn't take away the fact that when they go home at night and are alone, their acne doesn't bothers them. They have their own issues. I am actually one of those people that go out and have fun and try not to worry about acne although I KNOW that there are people like you that say wow, how does s
  12. Great.. thanks soo much. I bet you are so thankful you are off of tane. I'm so jealous lol..
  13. Thank you, I'll have to give it a try. The only thing I don't understand is that in the instructions it tells you to use the brush before you've used a cleanser????
  14. Has anyone been off of accutane for a long period of time (years) and acne hasn't returned? I'm scared that once I get off of the stuff it will come back. I need to know there are people out there who have been totally clear for a long period of time. I wonder if my derm even believes this stuff will keep me clear as she has talked about putting me on retin-A for the rest of my life after I end my course with tane. Maybe she is wanting to do it for complexion reasons.
  15. Siava, I was reading some of your earlier posts and I saw something about a baby brush method.. Can you explain that to me? Is it used to exfoliate?