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  1. I wash my face 2 times a day with a Dial anti-bacterial soap bar. I moisturize with Aveeno Ultracalming. I have a few pimples, but my main problem is the red spots all over my cheeks. My face gets extremely oily and shiny only about an hour after I cleanse/moisturize. My face still feels slightly tight after moisturizing. Is this because the moisturizer is too heavy? Or because my face isn't is still too dry, and producing a lot of oil?
  2. Here in Michigan, today was one of the nicer Spring days. I've found that during winter, my face will break out badly because of such dry conditions. But I also realized that it wasn't just because of the dry weather - it was because winter can be such a depressing season. As I was sitting outside, my palms against the grass beginning to turn green, the SUN shining on my face, listening to the birds chirp, I realized that everything's going to be okay. There's so much I've missed out on in my li
  3. Today WAS going well. My face has been getting a lot better. My confidence is going up and I'm becoming a happier person. ......THAT IS, right until my dad says to me "Geez adam your breaking out again" WTF. If anyone saw pictures of me a year ago, they would have to be autistic to not see how much my skin has improved. I tried to not let it bother me, but I got so pissed at him and left the house.
  4. i'll give you the answer... how many of us would be hot shit without acne? all of us. everyone's a beautiful person... of course the old saying is true - it's whats inside that counts.
  5. hey man, if you've ever shaved BEFORE you had acne, you'll notice your face gets a little red. it's just what happens when you shave. nothing to worry about! i have light red marks from my acne and they redden after shaving, but they face a few minutes later. btw - i use gillette shaving cream
  6. i couldnt agree with you more....there are so many opprotunities in my life that ive missed out on or made up excuses because i was just afraid to go out there. people can be good looking with acne. its not like it changes the whole structure of their face.....thanks for the inspiring post. people need to start focusing on the happy things in their life and not, well..... you know
  7. basically yes. dont even think about it. and of course NEVER touch it. if its raised next time you wash your face just be careful there but dont give it "special attention" if you know what i mean. i hate that feeling. i dont even like doing spot treatments at times liek that b/c im afraid it will raise to a whitehead