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  1. My aunt ordered me some facial cleansing products.. Over £50.. very pricey I thought... Better be a miricle cure for that price. But I use it twice a day now.. cleanser, prep scrub, moisturiser and toner. And a cooling gel mask twice a week. After only about 2 days my best friend commented on how much clearer my skin was looking.. (I was pretty pleased she noticed) And it was also far less redder. I havn't been using it for more than about 2 weeks but it's made a big difference for me anyway,
  2. Haha, yeahh well thanks anyway I figured I would order the sample one, With a little bit of everything.. And some concealer. See which type foundation works best and order an actual pot of that type... Now to convert $ to £...
  3. Oh my gosh I am such a tool. Great Britain. It's under that. Found it now! Haha, sorry I'm a tool
  4. I just can't seem to register in the UK. When it says 'your acount' I can't find UK in the area part. I find every other country in the world though. Haha. Am i on the right website? www.everydayminerals.com? thats right isn't it?
  5. Who has ordered everday minerals to the UK? I am having such a hard time working out their damn website. I'm not this stupid all the time.. honest! Haha. Can someone help me pls..
  6. I was just on their website... Do you know whether I can buy this in the UK at all? I can't see it on their actual website but maybe there is another retailer?
  7. Haha. Yeahh I was afraid she was just after a sale! Is it really painful? She said it would be "uncomfortable"... whatever that means! Eek!
  8. I try not to wear make-up at home.. But when I go out, I HAVE to wear foundation. My current one is okay, But it doesn't do the trick. Is anyone using a foundation that covers really well? Ohhh and btw... I am very pale too, which makes it worse. haha. Let me know anyway. Thanks!
  9. Well basically I went down to a local beautician with a friend to get our eyebrows shaped. The lady asked me what skin products I was using as my skin was quite enflamed (or something along them lines). I told her I had tried every single treatment in the world (obviously not literally but it is starting to feel that way) and she told me that if I was to book an appointment with her for a facial that it would really help to clear up my skin. It's not severe, but I feel so concious of it all the