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  1. Dont worry,mine lasted about 1 week and a half and was horrible. I had like 50 pustules ( no exageration here ) around my mouth and it was all swollen. I could barely eat for a freaking week! 13 months later, I'm pretty much still clear, even more so than on my last day of accutane ( I'm 17 by the way )
  2. Alright, so I used to suffer from moderate-severe acne before I began accutane. March 16th, 2009, I stopped taking accutane and have been pretty much clear since then. Of course, I still get the occasionnal spot, but it goes away in a day or two. Also, my once-oily skin ( I was literally drowning in oil 2 hours after I showered ) is now pretty much dry, which is easily manageable with a good moisturizer. Also, it seems as though acid juices and fruit have been a trigger for my acne, just to
  3. Alright, havent been here for a while ( acne-free hell yeah!) but wanted to tell you what happened since I stopped taking accutane. When I stopped, I still had a lot of pimples popping out, turned out orange juice was the problem for me. Since I stopped drinking acid juices, acne diminished to nothing. Oily skin, however, is back. Big time. I have very oily skin on nose and forehead, and my nose is full of small pimples due to it ( although nothing like cystic acne, still annoying ). So, a
  4. Was thinking about testing some Kind of natural products for acne since I'm done with tane and still got a few pimples
  5. Tried it and you can get all the same information lurking on these boards. Plus it takes a week between each section
  6. I pretty much have no life. I got a lot of friends at school but once I go out I'd rather stay home. NEW HOBBY : painting my car lol. Accutane worked for like 2 months for me. Not even off and began breaking out again. Ending in 1 week
  7. I'll ask my derm whether its better to tan in the sun or in tanning beds I guess
  8. I already eat healthy. Accutane as of now got rid of *most* of my acne. Hope it doesnt come back. Also I dont plan to spend hours upon hours every months in tannaing beds. But 2 of my friends who had acne stopped having it after tanning
  9. Probably is the case for msot people who suffer or have suffered from acne. However I cant stand a woman that smokes, so disgusting to me
  10. Alright so my father is 45 ans still suffers from acne. However, during the summer, he spends most of his days outside and barely has any spots. So I was wodnering ( since my acne obviously came form his genes ) if sun wouldnt help me as well? Of course I would take sun moderately. Recently, after accutane failure, I decided I'd stop using any chemical products on my skin or in my body. Also are there non-comedogenic tanning lotions?
  11. Have you tried tanning? Cause my father is 45 and still has acne. However, during the summer he takes a lot of sun on his skin and hes like 90% clear. When the winter comes though he stops bathing in sunlight acne comes back... Once I'm done with accutane ( Which did help me but not as much as I expected ) I'm going to try tanning beds