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  1. That's what I thought at first, too. I already tried not eating any products with milk in them for about 2 weeks, but it didn't change anything. So the second thing I'll try to do is changing the toothpaste and stop eating citrus fruits for some time. If that doesn't work I don't know what I'll try next. I didn't change anything from when I didn't get any pimples at all to when I got so many around my mouth. So I'm really confused about the whole thing... @SteelFox We weren't talking ab
  2. That's exactly what I feel like. New pimples have been growing at that spot for at least half a year now.... I didn't count how many it were, but I guess it has been around 30 times that another one came out.
  3. Well, I don't think the products I use are a problem. I had clear skin for a few weeks and suddenly I got one pimple after another around my mouth (but nowhere else). A few days ago they started coming back on my cheek and my forehead as well... I don't really know what the problem is, but there has to be a reason why there are so many around my mouth. I'll try using a different toothpaste.
  4. Hey there, I've got a problem which really gets on my nerves... There's a big zit below the right corner of my mouth continuously. Every time it goes away another one comes out on the exact same spot. Sometimes another one even comes out when the last one isn't gone yet. What can I do against that thing? My skin is mostly clear besides the area around my mouth... And I also tried not doing anything cause I thought I may overdosed some products at that spot...
  5. Thanks for your answers, but they didn't help too much, that's why I'm pushing this thread up again. So I stopped using BP for some weeks and got many pimples a week ago. My face wasn't red anymore, so I started again. I started with the starting dose and only applied the BP at night. And that's what I'm still doing now, a week later. I'm still at the starting dose and I'm still applying the BP at night. I didn't get any flaky skin yet, but I'm seeing that my face is slowly turning red. So, wh
  6. Well, I have a problem with redness. It's certainly not an allergic reaction and I already tried only using half a pump, but it's always the same, and I'm sure I'm gentle enough. First time using the regimen I could use it for 3 weeks, then I had to stop because of my skin looking very red. So I stopped for a bit until it calmed down. Then I started again with less BP than you should use at the start, but after one week I got that redness again. I stopped for a whole week then and started again.
  7. Well, for me this isn't really working as good as I hoped it would. I can massage my skin for about 30 minutes, but the flakes just keep coming off. My skin doesn't get red or anything like that, but the flaking doesn't stop. I think I could go on forever with that, so when should I stop?
  8. Well, I'm on the third week and I still have problems with redness (not very much, but it still looks as if I'd wear some sunglasses and got a sunburn). An other problem is, that the moisturizer burns at those red spots. All of this didn't happen in the first two weeks...
  9. Those redness problems are reported day after day, but somehow no-one knows a solution for it. I suffer from it too... there has to be some way to get rid of it (I'm looking like after a sunburn... with the exception of the eye area. looks as if I wear sunglasses).
  10. I'm on week 3 of the regimen, and 2 two days ago I discovered 2 fairly big red areas under my mouth. One on the left and one on the right side. What did I do wrong there? The rest of my face looks quite good, but those two areas may look really strange to others. I cannot really say that I put too much of the BPO on those areas, but what I can say is, that since week 2 my skin began to burn a bit in certain areas after using the moisturizer (the same I used the week before). So, what should I do
  11. I guess you should use it in the morning, too. Some users said that they experienced outbreaks when they stopped using the BPO two times a day.
  12. I think I'll stick with Rakon's idea and see how well it works. Picking up the flakes will be a real pain since they are very small (but they are many... very many), but if it changes something I'll try it, thanks. If the flakes don't go away I'll try aloe very, thank you.
  13. Hey there, I'm having problems with flaky skin since I was about 5 days into the regimen (now 11), and so I bought some jojobaoil some days ago. Well, I cannot really say it helped, so I wanted to ask how and when I should use it. After cleansing my face? After using the moisturizer? Should I rub the flakes off or should I massage it in gently? I would be happy if anyone could help me.
  14. Hello, I just startet using the regimen and noticed something right after using the moisturizer. My skin at the forehead started to glare as if I would sweat very much. I thought that would only be because I just used everything, so it would go back to normal, but after about 9 hours it's still there. It's not like I wanted to go out of the house with this, but I don't want to wash away the BPO either. Normally it doesn't shine like this, only after some hours outside when it's warm... I used v