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  1. please post the link...i am very interested. i have looked for a good shampoo without sulfates for a while! how does your hair do? thanks...
  2. How do you know if you have soft or hard water?
  3. Delna, Do you think it matters if you use fresh lemons or the juice in the bottle form? I have the bottle, and it says it is 100% real lemon juice from concentrate. Also, what do you think of using the "Egg Beaters" form of egg whites that is sold in the carton, instead of real eggs? I'm sure 100% natural form is the best, but am curious if you or anyone thinks it matters a great deal. Is anyone using these as a substitute? Just curious....as I have these two things in my fridge already and
  4. Dave, Have you stopped your SA use? I am curious what your results were. Also, how much B5 do you take daily? I am taking Spironolactone for decreasing oil production, but am having bad side effects. I have always thought that you would have to take thousands of milligrams of B5 to notice improvement.? What is your dosage amount, and have your seen results? I also do not care for BP. My skin is extremely sensitive as well...that is why I am a little leary of trying the vinegar again.
  5. Chitown 77, I find it very interesting that you feel your SA regimen might be causing more oil production. I also use SA, and have wondered the same about my skin. I keep thinking it seems like there is more oil, maybe because my pores are opening up more due to the exfoliation? Either way, I have oil in pores I never noticed before, and maybe the SA IS the culprit. I have tried so many regimens as well, and it is hard to distinquish what results I get from what, be them negative or positi
  6. Hello, In the past I took spiro. orally (150mg.) with great success for my hormonal acne! It is the only thing that has worked for me in the past two years, since the onset of my adult acne. HOWEVER, I had terrible migraines with it, and a period every 7-8 days. I kept thinking if I stayed on it long enough, my body would adjust, but I finally quit altogether, thinking having a period so often couldn't be good for me, especially if I am releasing an egg each cycle. This could be making me m
  7. Hello everyone, I have been reading this post on Spiro., and am glad to see many more women are trying it. I began taking it in June and had EXCELLENT results by mid July, I was 99% clear, with only an occasional jawline cyst. However, I did not tolerate it well, having very heavy periods every 7-8 days, and migraines. I do not take BC because I do not do well on it either...have tried sveral different ones, diff. mix of hormones, all have negative side effects, so needless to say, I was not
  8. Thank you soooo much for your input!!!! I am glad to know that I am not just an idiot going in circles with this, that the 'facts' DO seem to be somewhat contradicting in how much of out hormones are effected by Spiro. and which ones. I had VERY regular menses prior to Spiro. Interesting/confusing that your Progesterone level is high and you have regular periods, I would think high would decreased frequency in menses, due to the uterine lining being maintained longer with higher level. I
  9. Hi Sweet Jade, I am posting in holistic beacuse I think you probably spend most of your time in this forum, and I'm reeeeaaaaaallllly needing your help! I have researched Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone, Androgens, Hormonal Imbalances, Acne, PCOS, and meds. used to help certain hormonal disorders....UNTIL I AM BLUE IN THE FACE!!!! My confusion is regarding the med. Spironolactone, which I know you are familiar with. My questions are regarding the actions of the pill, how by blocking
  10. Sweet Jade, Thanks for all the info. No, I am not taking meds. for the IBS. I have always eaten "healthy"....fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, very little processed food if I can help it. So, fiber has not really been a problem, but I still have a problem with digestion, even when I follow a very strict regimen. Yes, I have tried the oils...not much result. I do not take pres. meds., as I have hard time taking any meds....I just try not to if I can avoid it or try a holistic alternat
  11. Sweet Jade~ Hmmm.... Fiber eh? Yep, that does sound weird! I haven't really changed my diet much, but I have been trying to cut out bread and heavy carbs the last few months... very interesting. Has benefiber helped your IBS? Just curious...I suffer as well, but have for many years. I have tried fiber supp. in the past, but always felt VERY bloated and more uncomfortable than just IBS symptoms alone. As far as dosage with Spiro., I started on 50 mg. once a day, then increased to 50 mg