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  1. Braggs ACV is definitely the healthiest. It does have a lot of other positive side effects besides clear skin. I take 3 tablespoons a day and just drink it straight; no water, no mixing. I've heard some people can't do it and mix it with a ton of apple juice. I'm sure you're right about B5. IMO there is no 'miracle' for acne besides Accutane. Everything else, at best, just kind of keeps your acne at bay but won't eliminate it forever. Then again it may also depend on the person. Like I said
  2. The treatment is going alright but nothing spectacular. Some have said it takes 2-3 months to work properly. I have seen some improvements. But for it to work properly you MUST use the organic, raw and unfiltered ACV. I had to buy it off Bragg's site because I couldn't find it in stores. If you're just using regular ACV it won't work because it's not strong enough. You should really try stacking it with B5 and see how it goes. A lot of people are claiming it works wonders so maybe you could be o
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I think I will continue this for 90 days and see how it goes. It's odd because I know people who have noticed results within a week but I guess it all depends on the person. Hey Eyes! It's great to see ya. I hope you're doing okay. Dan's regimen wasn't horrible; I did experience good results. But for the time it takes and the money it costs it just did not seem worth it. It kept me mostly clear but always having to worry about flakes and redness was just too stre
  4. Hey eyes! Good to see ya, good luck with everything
  5. WOW this is scary. This is exactly how I've been feeling over the last year or so. I've even contemplated quitting my job and going to the gym. It has made me more miserable than you could imagine. I don't eat lunch with anyone at work. I always have to worry about how to position my face when talking to someone. I barely socialize. It's just so frustrating because I just wonder what it would be like to live a "normal" life. The stress of worrying about this crap day in and day out is just too m
  6. 28 days of B5 18 days of B5 + ACV As usual I'm about the same; no worse but no better. One thing this does is make your skin look really clear in the non-acne areas. It does even out your complexion as well. If somehow this would completely clear you then you'd look amazing. I would still recommend this to all of you. I got 3 other people on this regimen and they all look great. Some even noticed results in less than a week. Keep in mind I have the most stubborn, persistent acne on the planet s
  7. 21 days of B5 11 days of B5 + ACV As always I can NOT say I'm 100% clear and hate to say it but don't think I ever will be. From a few weeks before my 21st birthday until now (26 nearing 27) I've NEVER been 100% clear. I've tried everything. I must have the most stubborn, persistent acne there is. Anyway, I'd recommend this regimen. I personally know a lot of people who swear by it and their skin looks great. I don't look horrible but I don't look great either. This regimen seems to help your
  8. 14 days of B5 4 days of B5 + ACV I'm still cleansing with Dan's cleanser morning & night. I'm also taking two caps of fish oil with lunch. I'm noticing some improvement. No real breakouts this week. And also the old ones and red marks seem to fade quicker. I take one TBSP of ACV in the morning and one at night. I usually do the same for the B5. If you have oily skin this also seems to do the trick. This week will be very telling because I'll have more time now to assess the regimen. If I ha
  9. Just a quick update for everyone. 7 Days of B5. No major improvement but also no major side effects. I was told the only way for this to work was stack it with ACV. I ordered it but haven't received it yet so instead of waiting I just started the B5 on its own. I should be receiving the ACV by Monday and then I can let everyone know how it works. Also, I am still using Acne.org cleanser (twice a day) and taking two fish oil caps with lunch. The B5 I take 3x a day totaling approximately 8g.
  10. Hey everyone. Well I've been off the regimen for a while and since being off it's safe to say my face has gotten a little worse. The only thing is while on the regimen you never get 100% clear and the time spent, money and worrying about flaking and redness wasn't worth it to me. While in the gym I ran into a few roid heads who told me their regimen. I've read about this before but they all claim to have great success with it. They do B5 and ACV. They take one TBSP in the morning of ACV. For th
  11. are you guys using the powdered version? i bought some tonight (haven't received it yet). i'm planning on starting with a low dosage 3-4g/day then maybe up it to rid the acne and then bring the dosage back down and maintain...with with the powdered version, how do you measure in grams?
  12. I was thinking about picking this stuff up but as always I dunno what to do. The reviews aren't conclusive enough..
  13. Hmm your face looks very VERY similar to mine. I wonder if I have the same condition? I've never been to a derm..
  14. Looks like you're doing awesome man! You've given me more motivation to get on Accutane ASAP. I also have mild acne but it's very persistent and definitely noticeable. I hope I can get on Accutane and achieve the same results as you. Do you notice your acne become more glaring after you shave?
  15. Congrats bro! You look really clear. It looks as if the low dose has worked. Nothing has ever worked for me and as I said earlier I'm really considering getting on a low dose myself. I know it has a bunch of sides and everything but I have no choice at this point..