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  1. I want to encourage you to keep on searching for what works best. Examine your past history...think about possible causes. I am actually heading off to see my gyn to get tested for excess androgens, but it's ver likely what the results would show because I grew hair like a monster when I was on steroids. Stay strong and try not to fall victim to acne's persistent control.
  2. Classifications NO ACNE Total absence of acne SUBCLINICAL Few blackheads and whiteheads,visible only in close examination COMEDONAL Blackheads and whiteheads with slight inflammation (red) MILD Several inflammed (red) pimples MODERATE Many inflammed (red) pimples and pustules (visible accummulation of pus in skin) SEVERE NODULAR ACNE Inflammed (red) pimples and pusules (visible accummulation of pus in skin) with several nodular lesions (solid
  3. I have been steaming my face twice a day for the last few days now. I no longer have cysts. All the zits are dried and healing. I have not had a new breakout yet - so far. Please start using this steaming routine and report results here after at least one week on this routine. 1. Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. 2. Reduce heat and simmer for five minutes. 3. Secure the pot on the table on a pot holder or pour into your bathroom sink. 4. Make a tent over your head with a large towel.
  4. go for Accutane...especially if your acne is out of control but don't expect the drug to cure... Your acne might return but not as bad.
  5. I steamed my face for five minutes last night, then splashed on cold water, then cleansed with tea tree oil face wash, then witch hazel, and finally aloe vera gel. One thing that I noticed is that the pain in most of my cysts are gone. One tiny cyst has drained on its own overnight. I will keep on steaming my face twice daily. The idea is to open your pores and once opened, you can get into them with treatments... This makes me wonder if we've been cleaning only the surface of closed pores r
  6. Accutane is synthetic Vitamin A. For most people, Accutane does not CURE. But the acne that returns after finishing Accutane is not as bad. Rarely does Accutane ever cure. The side effects are red and dry eyes, chapped lips with severly dry skin on the corners, and itchy, red skin on the arms called dermatitis. Cysts are painful pimples filled with blood and pus. These are inflammed pimples. Non-inflammed are blackheads and pimples that are not painful to the touch. No one knows how to prevent
  7. SensiClear just came out last year to the public, it was only sold to modeling agencies - it's not widely known yet. But I have tried their kit and it did work better for my acne than any of the other companies. It just did not address the cysts. If you look at other customer reviews, you will find out that SensiClear was on the Oprah show at one time recently. This doesn't mean Oprah endorses SensiClear, but look at the SensiClear website - it just won first place in Second City Magazine and it
  8. Wait a minute... are you believing that Accutane will CURE? I know that you are only on Accutane for six months and then you have to go off it. For most people, acne slowly returns - but not as bad as it was before Accutane. Rarely does Accutane ever cure. I was n Accutane - side effects included dermatitis (itchy dry skin, red spots) on my arms, red and dry eyes, lips were chapped with severe dry skin around the corners of my lips... these side effects persisted throughout the entire six mont
  9. I am supposed to be steaming my face twice daily. I only tried this once and was in the steam too long - which dried out my skin terribly. I decided to wait until my skin recovered. I found out that I am only supposed to steam for five minutes, not ten. And I am supposed to apply either aloe vera gel or emu oil immediately after cleansing my skin with tea tree oil because steaming can dry out your skin - so it is important to ALWAYS moisturize. I brought this up because some of you have mentio
  10. To determine the best answer to your question: Have you had success with BP or SA in the past if you haveused these two popular chemicals at all? Are you aiming for a cure or just for control of your condition? this is critical to establish the correct mindset when it comes to treating acne. Many people are not satisfied with what they use, even natural ingredients because none of these clears the skin completely. Yet many of these ingredients do get acne under control. I suggest you decide o
  11. There are several facial masks you can make. However, it is too much for me to type at one time. After all, it's Sunday and I've been really tired. I will just list all the masks available and you can ask me for which one you want the list of ingredients to use to make the masks. Sea Salt Mask Carrot Facial Mask Healing Clay Mask Honey Facial Mask Natural Oatmeal Facial Mask Egg White and Lemon Mask The Secret Baking Soda Regimen The ones that look awesome for severe acne are the Healing Clay
  12. A large painful cyst... oh yeah, my mom saw me crying the night I felt desperate with two large cysts - one being larger than the other. Neither were poppable for about a month. so I never attempted anything brutal on them in the beginning. I just kept on washing my face with tea tree oil face wash, putting on the bentononite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera gel. All three products combined to exfolliate the skin around each cyst. The smaller one finally popped on its own and
  13. what are the pills called? I totally agree with the previous post - do not use anything that is not made specifically for the face. All soaps are harsh but even more so on the face where the skin is more delicate.
  14. Mars, I have been thinking about this... I want to make a suggestion that you as a male may not be crazy about. But I have been doing the elimination process - removing aggravators as much as possible to pinpoint the cause of my condition. I stopped wearing makeup, which means my face goes in public at work. When I do go out with friends, I do put on makeup. With this said, I suggest you shave your face ocasionally - perhaps quit shaving altogether for at least two weeks to see whether shavi
  15. UPDATe: August 10 After using all the products named in my Acne No More Regimen, it seems that I am exfolliating well with both tea tree oil face wash, benonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera gel. And jojoba oil mixed with geranium seems to dry out my cysts. Witch hazel seems to shrink them as well. BUT I am still breaking out - I have three small painful cysts that just came in yesterday. So I am not sure what is causing the inflammation in my skin yet. I am also not conv