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  1. Hey all, Kinda stumped by my skin condition. I always think it's acne, seborrheic dermatitis, demodex, malasezzia folliculitis. Tried all the medications and it never seems to go away. The only time it improves tremendously is when I was out with the flu for a few days. As a result, I wasn't able to eat and I noticed my skin improves all of a sudden. Does this happen to anyone else? It came back when I started eating again. I don't eat sugar, only protein, brown rice, and vegetables.
  2. Hey everyone, I was on low dose accutane 10mg/day for over a year. It was prescribed by a Dr. in asia along with a bunch of other antibiotics for acne. My skin became crystal clear as a result and oil production reduced tons. Now it's been over a year off and my skin seems to be oilier than it ever has. Also, I get a combination of folliculitis and acne. Has anyone ever experienced these types of symptons after accutane? I'd rather have my skin before than how it is now, it's worse and oilie
  3. i have something similar, but it is more centralized on my cheeks and forehead and it's worse than what you have. it doesn't look like acne and i haven't figured out exactly what i have. i think it's folliculitis too.
  4. Hey everyone. I am pretty sure I have this same skin condition, I also have used low dose accutane and antibiotics for my acne before this persistent problem surfaced. I get the small bumps, but they usually become inflamed like a pimple with puss inside. Is this acne or malasezzia folliculitis? It just seems like all my hair folliciles are clogged with yeast and all the symptons that aggravate PF do the same for my skin. I also have it along my cheeks and neck and forehead where I have hair. I
  5. Any suggestions on treating combination pityrosporum and acne? I don't really know what I can do to help the condition. My face still always has these little breakouts and it clearly isnt' acne. Will a dermatologist really be able to find a solution? Seems like eliminating the problem is unrealistic and the best is to keep it under control?
  6. Hey everyone! Can anyone please share their skin care regimen with using nizoral? I have pityrsopsorum folliculitis on my face/scalp/body, but i also have acne. How would you mix nizoral into your skin regimen? Wash with acne cleanser, then wash with nizoral? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Brian
  7. Ok, that makes me feel better. How often do you use it? I used it the other day and it seems to be doing well on my face. I alternative with the noble pyrithione zinc soap. I think I am still getting acne though, so not sure how to fit my acne cleaners with it.
  8. For everyone suffering from the condition, can you describe how your skin feels? It feels like there is some kind of film on my skin even after I wash. Sulfur seems to be keeping it under control, but I can still tell it is pretty bad. I mainly have it on my scalp, forehead, and temples. I have a suspicion this was caused by use of low dose accutane/tetracylin/doxycycline for acne. I purchased nizoral 1% and would like to give it a try, but everyone is reporting that it loses its affectivenes
  9. I think one of the main causes of my folliculitis is i am using an exfoliating pad and it might be spreading bacteria into my pores creating irritation. Anyone have any experience and stop exfoliating because of folliculitis?
  10. can nizoral be used long term? does the skin get used to it and then it stops working?
  11. Hey everyone. I have been suffering from comedonal acne from as far as I can remember. I started using thayers unscented alcohol free witch hazel with aloe vera as a toner. It seems after I started, my comedones started getting worse. Has anyone used witch hazel on oily skin? Everyone says witch hazel is good for your skin, but then why is witch hazel not stopping the comedones?
  12. i've been on my medication of topical clindymacin and doxcycline pill for 9 days so far. there seems to be progress. i used to shave my head with a razor and it seems to flare up most that way, so i stopped doing that. one important thing is not to touch/scratch/rub your scalp and be sure to change your pillowcases. im supposed to take this medication for 30 days, so i will give you an update.
  13. what does your dr. say about the situation? are you just going to take low dose accutane long term?
  14. hey hitman87, can you describe your folliculitis? My scalp just doesn't feel the same anymore. Seems like the hair is thinning and the scalp has something going on with it that any bit of irritation causes a flare up. The dr put me on climdymacin topical and doxycycline. He said it's acne, but it's clearly folliculitis.
  15. I never had any issues with stomach or diarrhea, but I do get tired very easily. What are you doing that works for the problem? I know it's cosmetic, but having painful bumps constantly growing on my head makes me sad.