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  1. I come to this site every couple months at most. The main reason being is because I receives messages and questions via my inbox. It's not about ignoring anything. It is about not caring and stressing over it. ...You've just got my message wrong. Not sure what else to tell you. Wish you the best.
  2. "Fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time." This definition, incorporating the use of "some" is especially important for this forum. Most people engage in a fast to cleanse. Apples are good for that.
  3. Be very careful fasting.... Once you pass a week or so, your body has already begun making major changes. Getting back to eating is difficult and, if you are not VERY careful, you are going to make yourself sick just by eating, which then encourages you to not eat, which then leaves you stuck in your fast. Also, it is only a specific apple that is good during the fast. I think it is red delicious, but you should confirm that one. It has been a while since I last fasted.
  4. *tip toes in* There are other ways to satisfy a partner besides intercourse and are without risk of impregnation. *tip toes out*
  5. Ha, nice name.


  6. I will respond here, but also send you a PM, since it has been over a month. I don't come around too often except to answer PMs/emails people send to me.
  7. Hello again! I really appreciate all of the PMs and emails that I get from you all. I am surprised how long this thread has been around...and how much this site has blown up in terms of online users. The number grows exponentially it seems!
  8. Happy birthday! :D

  9. In some cases it does. prove it Prove it via private message please if you do. I would like to keep this thread free of arguing. That specific argument is an endless one... and really seems to be unproven by either side.
  10. Yep, you make your own reality more than you know. Water has endless benefits. Mostly though, if you are drinking a lot of water, you are not as thirsty and are less likely to drink some sugar filled drink. I don't come around too often, but I do try to stop by every now and then. I get quite a few emails from people, so that keeps me in touch fairly often. My advice is to not worry. If your skin is used to BP, then you most certainly need to get off. Realize that yo
  11. I may be wrong, but I think you are a female. As I have already said here, women tend to have acne no matter what because of their monthly fluctuating hormones. This is why birth control helps often. Either way, it is great to hear that you have had success. Good luck in the future! As I said in the beginning of this thread, some people really do have a skin CONDITION. Most people that I have met in person, or talked to on here, do not. As for any regimen, you need to try it for
  12. Hey Eddie, been a while. Going vegetarian is a fantastic idea. I am not strong enough to let go of my steaks. Do make sure you research how to get your full proteins. It is possible with a completely vegetarian diet, but you must learn to how to make a complete protein. I believe peanut butter on wheat bread is one way to do it. Go light on the peanut butter though, it is very fatty/oily.
  13. Just realize there will be an end, and focus on that.
  14. Keep not looking. That is one of the best things you can do for yourself.