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  1. Try a honey mask. Get some honey and smear it on the dry areas. Leave for 10-25 mins, wash off and apply BP and moisturiser. Do it every/most mornings.
  2. ^^^ Good point, 'tane is pretty nasty stuff. Plus it would be very hard to get accutane with mild/moderate acne.
  3. Her family wont mind/notice. As for her friends, if they are REAL friends they won't care. However, if they do make comments like ''She could do better'' and things like that you should walk away. Good Luck
  4. I use aloe as a moisturizer. Every other moisturizer I've used makes me so oily I could slide down the road on my face.
  5. Yes and no. Acne P (the acne causing bacteria) can become resistant to oxytetracycline (and other antibiotics) but not to tea tree or sudocrem. I assume that you are in the UK as oxytetracycline is a UK drug. Go to your GP, explain what happened and ask for a different antibiotic. EDIT: I saw your screen name, you must be from the UK!
  6. OK, I'm going to try this, as I know my acne is hormonal. Day 1: Thu 02-10
  7. Good for you, keep the updates coming. BTW I found your god-knows-how-many pages of 'nothing new' quite Oh yeah, and where do you get the mood meter thingy, i want one
  8. To be completely honest nice guys really don't care/notice. Couldn't you put a little less makeup on each day, slowly showing the real you? Good luck
  9. No you can't, aspirin and paracetamol are completely different.
  10. I find it helps with tetracycline related sickness, as you cannot eat at the same time as taking them.
  11. I wouldn't worry about affording it, us Ukers have the NHS! If I were you I'd got to my GP, he may prescribe something for you or refer to a derm.
  12. I think he's too shy to go and poofed out at the last minute. He must really like you for you to make him that shy!