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  1. keep faith in differin guys, i've been on 0.1% since beginning of august and my face has never looked better. i love it. stick in there. if you have any questions for me, message me!
  2. I've been on differin for about 5 months. I use aveeno spf 15, non greasy. its a little thick, but it doesnt break my out. dont apply everyday, unless its needed though. i only use it if my face is chaped or really dry. hope this helps.
  3. people say that differin doesnt help blackheads. but it actually helped me. not 100% but more then 60%. i think it depends on your skin type honestly.
  4. differin has worked WONDERS on me. people say it doesnt get rid of blackheads. but my nose is 65% clearer now. ive been on it almost 3 months. it gets pretty bad. but stick with it. really. im so glad i chose it. i started mine every night. and ive used it eversince. got any personal questions, message me
  5. I have been on differin for about almost 5 weeks. I have mild acne a few things here or there, but oily skin and blackheads. So i went to my doc and she persribed me this and said this should take care of it. I had an IB the first week. It wasnt all that bad, (im a picker and pretty much made it much worse than it should have been.) until last week, i was good. But then it was my period week, and i was a little worried. and boy, i was right. i broke out man. im still breaking out a little. but i
  6. Does BP and differin work together?!?!?
  7. Differin is suppose to "thin" your skin. I would try to stop picking, bcz yes that could cause excess scaring. i know how hard that might seem. Ive been on for a month. i get spurts of breakouts and then they stop. GOOD LUCK! Pm me if you want further info.
  8. When i started differin (about a month ago) i had an IB with 2 cysts. but thats it. now, im getting another breakout. Supposidly they come in cycles. Lucky for me, i dont have really severe acne. i get some here or there, but i get bad ones here or there. I'll let you know if the cycles stop for me. Pm me to tell me if its starting to work for your event!
  9. Its deffinatly not working for me, I need a good makeup, that wont break me out. its so annoyhingggg =[ sgjsdklfjgdlfkj
  10. Yeah, good luck, do you think i could use Head and Shoulders for blackheads while on differin 0.1% gel? bcz, all my pimlpes and stuff i have is from blackheads becoming enflammed ya know?
  11. Your most deffinatly correct. My face was oily before, and i was hoping the would clear it up, but sadly enough, it mad it worse. Differin is one of the few products that has really improved my acne situation. However, oily skin appears to be a side effect for many of us.
  12. But, ive been fine until now, which is when ive gotten a new makeup and started on my period. i think that have stuff to do with it.
  13. Okay, so I've been on differin for about a month. I had an IB and then things were going good. Now, im breaking out on my chin, which did not happrn when i had my first IB. So whats going on?! I've narrowed down some possibilities. 1. Another IB from differin? 2. Breaking out from my Make-up? 3. This is the first time I will be getting my period while on differin. Could they just be period pimples? Please help meee! THANKS!
  14. Is differin working? all im getting is black heads. everywhere. no pimples. just blackheads. does that mean its working?!
  15. Well, i apply the same amount each night, and this is the first time ive gotten blochy. and ive been on it for about a month. so. im not sure. im getting my period so thats probably why.