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  1. Enmity

    Urine Dip

    Ok, in general: bring a bowl and a full bladder before you take a bath. Piss in that bowl and add minimal hot water into the bowl to heat it up and to have enough to dip in. This is the most convenient way of dipping your face in urine regularly. Hope this helps. Also note that while you are dipping, your body will be in the hot bath water. This is the most comfortable, convenient way, of dipping your face into urine. Oh, and for the duration of the dip: I do it until the skin of my finge
  2. Enmity

    Urine Dip

    I am not washing my face with urine, I am washing it with water. It is the water only regimen combined with urine: as a dip and moisturizer. Also, I bring two things to the washroom with me, my collected urine and a bowl. As I said I only live with my landlady. I guess if you are living with more folks it'll be tough. Regular urine therapy (just applying it morning and night) can be used life long easily. The dip altnernative is just for faster results. By bowl, I mean a plastic thing, no
  3. Enmity

    Urine Dip

    I am 19 and i have had mild to moderate acne since i was 13. I have been on Urine Therapy for 76 hours. Since then, only water and my own urine has touched my face, nothing else. In these hours I learned to love urine and how great it was for my skin. I have yet to drink urine though. Yesterday, I enjoyed urine so much that I decided to collect my urine and put it into a bowl and dip my face into it. Since then I have done two dips. Basically, I get naked in the bathtub and I have a mirro
  4. oops triple post, i cant delete this one either. sorry mods.
  5. still tweaking [am] regimen what i can conclude is this: drysol on a dry face will not give you a matte finish. it will give you a slight shine on your nose, which is still presentable, but not perfect. The slight shine is not a result of oil, drysol DOES eliminate oil, but the shine is a result of the residue of the product. To achieve a matte finish, after the drysol dries on your dry face, apply your mattifier (or makeup). I am a man, i am not embarrassed to use makeup, but i actually us
  6. Such a thread already existed for the product "Certain Dri," the thread is actually 21 pages. I read the entire thread. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/dri-acne-t116982.html This is not a duplicate thread, but for another product known as "drysol MILD" which is antiperspirant gentle enough for your face, but still pretty hardcore. Another reason why I tried this was because I could not find certain dri in Canada, this was the CLOSEST thing. In fact, after heavily contemplating, I decided t
  7. THANKs alot... i read the reviews on the olay complete moisturizng lotion with spf 15... i decided to get it i also ordered jojoba oil... so basically im gonna be doing exactly what you're doing... thanks for the suggestion =O =O
  8. How do you put this on with the BP? Do you: Put the BP on first, then the moisturizor? (STANDARD DKR WAY) Put the moisturizor on first, then the BP? Mix them together, then put it on? Put some water in? How much? Use a different, better-looking moisturizor during the day? Which? Because it's annoying the crap out of me. People say Cetaphil is great, and so do the reviews. But this thing is super thick, it's impossible to mix with BP because it turns all white on your face, and when the wh
  9. DUDE man.. i totally feel ya, i had to drop the make-up too, and then i had to reduce my bp dosage to half a pump twice a day. I also upped my moisturizing dosage by twice the amount. Flakes are real buggers. At first, I was confident like you were too. But then We both got f'd over pretty hard. =D check out my regimen log, its almost the same thing
  10. Does that go on easily? Does it make your face shiny? does it moisturize well?
  11. So you go through your day with just BP on and no moisturizer? (but you moisturize when you sleep?)
  12. As the title says. I wash with cetaphil cleanser wait 10 minutes medicate with dans bp wait 10 minutes put on cetaphil moisturizing lotion The problem here is that cetaphil is really thick and white, even when i apply to my face normally, it takes alot of spreading to get the cetaphil to be comepletly transparent. However, when i apply cetaphil on a Benzoyl peroxide layer, its completely white and wont blend in, no matter how hard i try. WHICH MOISTERizor do you guys recommend that comes on
  13. The whole purpose of the moisture is to reduce flaking right?
  14. Vaseline has amazing hydrating properties. So much that I only need to apply it during the night.
  15. K. so far, i have a fan in my face, it feels really really really Friggen good... ive never needed to touch my face yet, i hydrate my eye area and my lips with vaseline. BTW, i am not applying any moisturizor atm, i am planning to moisturize with vaseline (petroleum jelly) because ive been using it for years and doesnt break me out I wash with the "Life Brand" version of cetaphil gentle cleanser, all the ingredients are the same, but its 5 dolalrs cheaper with more content. I am very gentle w