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  1. I hear you, and I cut back to one time daily for the same reasons. Now I only use BP four days a week, and I think my skin is at its best. There were initial breakouts when I first tapered down, but those subsided. With less frequent use, I have no irritation or flakes, and I'm able to play sports and sweat in public again without having BP and moisturizer dripping off of my face. Also, BP soap can sometimes be a convenient replacement for the gel/cream. You only have a short contact time wit
  2. Well, my acne is flaring up again, so I've been spending more time with my computer. This is interesting, especially the age distributions: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=acne
  3. I don't think it's the Accutane making you angry and depressed. It's the acne. Happens to me too when my face isn't looking great (now), and I've never been on accutane. Getting close though, that's for sure...
  4. I haven't been on 'tane myself (yet), but I've read a lot of accutane logs and have seen every possible variation on breakouts you can think of. Some people don't see their best results until weeks after the course is finished. It's so annoying to be doing well and get nailed with a breakout, I know, but you have to expect those ups and downs on 'tane. Hang in there.
  5. If you're still flaky after being on the regimen a while, the surest way to get rid of flakes is to exfoliate with something like a toothbrush or baby brush (I prefer the toothbrush). Sadly, I usually end up with a spot or two after exfoliating. Many people do not, though, so it's worth a try. I deal with flakes to a minor extent even now, and I'm only using bp about once daily. Warning: I definitely would not try exfoliating when just starting the regimen. Your skin might freak out at all of t
  6. They always shrink away to obscurity for me unless they get clogged again. It usually takes a few days. Give it some time before you get too worried about it.
  7. Do a search on this topic. Initial breakouts from zinc are known, and have been discussed pretty thoroughly.
  8. Zinc should work just fine with your other supplements. I recommend the Nature Made brand. They're one of a handful of companies that participates in the United States Pharmacopeia Verification Program, and their products are available on amazon for a good price. The verification program analyzes supplements on a regular basis to ensure that they contain what they're supposed to contain. At this time, participation is voluntary. Finally, beware of a possible initial breakout. Best.
  9. For perfect skin, I would drink my urine and more :D I don't do the urine regimen, though, but I can say that bless is right: there are at least a few threads around here that outline its variations. Look those up for sure.
  10. Are we still going to have a section for dermatologist reviews on acne.org? What's the status on that project?
  11. I use a 50/50 mixture of Alpha Hydrox AHA lotion and Cetaphil moisturizing lotion with 3-4 drops of Jojoba oil added. That's the best I've been able to do, and it's pretty good. My major problem has always been flaking. Jojoba masks the flakes well, but can make you shiny if you use too much. Also, using Alpha Hydrox in the first month or two of the regimen is not advisable. Even at half strength, it can still sting. After your skin adjusts to the regimen, though, adding glycolic acid can very m
  12. I don't recall ever seeing anything below B-50 (50 mg for each vitamin), but there's probably at least a B-25 somewhere. If you really want a more "normal strength," and by that I assume you mean closer to the recommended daily value, you could try getting your B's through a multivitamin or diet. Typically, multivitamins don't have much more than 100% of the daily value for the vitamins they contain, and diet is the most normal way to consume any vitamin.
  13. Dan, Is the BP at night, AHA in the morning routine still working for you? I am also looking forward to the new AHA lotion with licochalcone
  14. Taking NSAIDs can also lead to "rebound inflammation," where the inflammation you had prior to taking the NSAIDs returns worse than it was orignally.