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    Hey y'all. Somethings I enjoy are playing tennis, watching movies, reading, hanging out with friends , and shopping. I also like spending time with my family and being with my two cute puppies!

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  1. Ok so I just turned 23 and got kick off my family plan. I researched options to get my own health insurance and applied for BCBS. It took forever to get approved and the only problem I have is acne! So I finally got a letter saying that due to my previous conditions(acne) my rate would be higher then the amount I was suppose to pay, it wasn't that much more so I didn't mind. I went to my first derm appointment in May and just got a letter from my BCBS that they would not be covering it since it
  2. Thanks for the suggestions Ladies! I will try some of these things out.
  3. I have been on Yaz for about a year before that I was on ortho low and I like yaz better. It cleared my skin a little also before yaz I had not had a period for four months and now I get one like clockwork. I dont think it made a big difference with my PMS but my symptoms arent that bad. I don't think it is the miracle pill as it was advertised. I would say give it a chance and if it is not working for you try something else.
  4. My right now my skin is not breaking out as much. As my skin clears I am starting to notice my scars and large pores. Right now I a using Bare Minerals I feel like it makes my scars and pores stand out more then if I am wearing no makeup. I like it because I work outside and sweat a lot and it stays on and doesnt move. So I am looking for a make up for oil acne prone skin that doesnt highlight pores but not to thick that I cant sweat with it on.Does anyone have suggestions?
  5. Hey i just got prescribe this too see it would help my stubborn hormonal acne i just started using it
  6. I have had a similar experince as ugly_skye. I know how you feel. I was put on spiro a year and a half ago with promises of clear skin. SO I waited and waited. My acne did improve but in no way is my skin clear. It has helped some of my other pcos problems: hair growth, thank goodness. I am 22 and think that if my pcos was diagonsed sooner that my that it might have worked better. I am on 200mg a day which is pretty high dose. I have days were i have hope and others were i have none!!! for ppl
  7. S Gumby

    hair loss

    I have been on spiro and yaz for about 1 year and 3 months.I have pcos. The weird thing is I never had hair thinning until about the summer and it is getting worse. I have really thick, like it takes me two hours to get a hair cut. I shed like crazy!!! I don't know what to do but I am staying on the spiro and yaz b/c I would rather have thin hair then bad acne.
  8. Hello, I was wondering if some of you tried to no dairy diet to help your skin? If so, did it work, how long did it take to notice? I was wondering b/c I have heard so many things and I seem to only crave to things cheese and chocolate.
  9. It burned my skin!!! I have tried many things and use to getting dry skin but having red inflamation of a burn then having white heads on top of it was the worse time I had with acne. I kept thinking this is just a process but my skin never cleared up!!!!!!!
  10. I have been on 200mg of spiro for almost a year and i still break out all the time. My skin is never really clear, and if it does look good i usually break out the next day. So I feel your pain and understand what you are going through. My derm said the next thing would be accutane.
  11. I have used spiro for almost a year and it did improve my skin but I still breakout constantly so my derm put me on aldactone to see if that worked better, i did see great improvement in the beginning but then my acne came back worse. it was really expensive so went back to spiro
  12. I had a similar situation. I had been suffering with acne since I was 12 and went to different doctors about it and they all gave me antibiotics and different topical treatments . None of it worked . I even asked my old derm if he thought I had a hormonal problem and he said no! Then I went to a new derm and she thought right away that I had a hormonal problem. I had problems with my periods, 4 a year. facial hair and acne on he jawline, chin ,and cheeks. I my blood was tested and I had high an