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  1. Ok not weight loss, but health. I just said that b/c it is kind of for weight loss. So his metabolism book, if we must get political about it. I guess it just makes it more confusing, actually. So I think I might just try the "High everything" diet or the "eat whatever the heck I feel like diet". I am tired of worrying so much about this and that. I figure if I eat enough, and it is good quality food...most of the time...I could be OK. If not, well then it's back to the drawing board. It i
  2. I have been reading the blog lately, I must say it is really messing up my sleep because I am up so late reading it! Very good info., a must read, I'd say. I want to buy the weight loss book, but am pretty sure it will say what I already know.
  3. Ooh, sounds kind of fun. I think I used to do it for mosquito bites and stuff when I was little. It could probably help, I dunno. maybe I will try it. From a cursory examination of studies it looks like human saliva does not have nerve growth factor that was found in rats saliva to heal wounds. We do have histamine and some other antibacterial agents in our saliva that could help with wound healing. Saliva was also shown to heal wounds faster than when a wound was not treated. So it could hel
  4. I used to be in the sun all the time and it didn't really help. Hopefully, this spring/summer I will clear up with a good diet and plenty of exercise (already do that). I am working on an organic farm so I will get good food, good exercise, and lots of sun! Hope I get clear in the worst way.
  5. Skim milk does make acne worse than whole milk. I know the study that says that, but I am too lazy to pull it up. I am just guessing here, but the fat probably makes the milk more digestible. Plus, most dairies powder the milk, add water, and call it skim. That can really mess you up.
  6. I like Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and Shape's Bikini Body Bootcamp. There was another strength one I had, but I can't remember it. I dont really do these anymore, but I have a lot.
  7. I just had a job interview for a very important position, if I get it it would open so many doors for me. Unfortunately, it went horribly. I tried so hard to not think of my skin, but this job is, like, based on how healthy you look so I just ruined it. I can't sleep now and all I think of is how incompetent I am. I don't want to go outside anymore and am just staying at home. I keep playing over and over the stupid things I said. I am sorry you are having this dillemma as well. My job wasn't ne
  8. If we are on the right path, then why are we still seeing high levels of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other Western diseases? If we are supposedly "improving" our diet by cutting out whole milk, red or fatty meat, and saturated fats like butter, coconut oil, etc. then we should be getting healthier, according to current thinking, not worse? But that is not the case. The changing diet is replacing these healthy forms of fat and protein with carbohydrates lacking in essent
  9. MMm...I just had a bunch of homemade sauerkraut for breakfast, it is my favorite. Store bought kinds are nothing like the kind you make at home. As for carrots, I grate ginger and then "pickle" them in whey and water. Very good stuff.
  10. I am going to be strict on my diet, been kind of lax b/c my family always eats different stuff. When I eat high-fat, mod protein, low carb, i feel good. It is just mental when I think of all the memories of baking, that I want these foods. I want to study nutrition, but don't know where a good place is that holds sound nutritional ideas. Btw, meatpirate, I am going to try that egg thing sometime, sounds delish.
  11. Check out USwellnessmeats.com for your meat. You can get discounts if you buy in bulk and this code, USW25, gets you another 25% off. Mix up your carbs, you can soak oats over night in a little lemon juice or acv and eat oatmeal. A large pack of organic oats isn't very costly. I use metabolic response modifiers (MRM) protein. It is better than most and uses stevia. It is also very cheap if you buy it at vitacost with this coupon code for 5% off, PD93MWB6 You can al
  12. I have never heard about high fat thinning blood? Did the high fat diet work for you? It seems like you change around a lot, so I wasn't sure if you were already clear or not
  13. Almost never see anyone with acne. Other than me. None of my friends do, no one in either of my schools did. The first was a private school, so I guess they could all afford to be flawless. In the public school I guess there was maybe one girl with a spot or two on her chin, but that's about it. Now I am just in programs and classes with people over 30, so I stick out like a big red....face.
  14. I tried these but they look really chalky and just odd on me. Maybe I don't really know cuz I never wear makeup. But I ordered the same color foundation twice and the second one of the same color was a lot more brown. They were both semi-matte, so it's weird.
  15. Breakfast 3 eggs with coconut oil and small slice all-cheese pizza (crust too) sauerkraut Lunch coconut milk and pumpkin puree smoothie with protein powder and pb eggs and turkey Dinner meatballs small salad cauliflower mashed potatoes sauerkraut mayan cocoa tea with cream spoonful of pb ...I feel like I eat way too much compared to all of you...