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  1. Day 52 Sorry it's been a while since I've written on here... I was sick for the past week with the flu and I still feel horrible. I think Accutane has started to effect my mood. I've felt like shit about myself the past two days and my horrible cross country meet today didn't help. I can't believe I have another three months of this to go. My face flared up a little bit last week and it's still healing from that... I have a few dying cysts on my cheek and a weird zit above my lip which sucks. M
  2. How's 80mg going? I was on 60mg for a few days last week and I had to switch back to 40. Accutane is really messing up my running right now Thanks for the post in my log... I really appreciate the support! Aquaphor is a serious life saver isn't it?!? I'll keep checking back to see how you're doing... good luck! Btw... I really like the quote in your signature... totally relates to the way Accutane is making me feel right now.
  3. Day 42 Thanks everyone! I am IN LOVE with the way my face looks! I have two small zits right now but that is it... I can't remember the last time I could say that... probably when I was like 10? My skin is no longer oily by noontime and I can go a few days without having to wash my hair which is also amazing. However... I feel like I'm definitely counting down the days until I get off this stuff. I am really scared about what Accutane is doing to my body, not to mention that right now my cros
  4. awwwhhh thanks! you seem really nice too! how does it feel to almost be done with tane?! everything seems to still be ok for me... although it's really getting in the way of my cross country running right now (grrrrrrrr!)
  5. Day 38 Ok so I decided today to go back to 40mg/day. Accutane is killing my joints during cross country practice and seriously slowing me down. I feel absolutely exhausted... but that could just be that I'm at school for more than 12 hours a day lately and still commuting 40 minutes each way On the bright side my skin looks FABULOUS! Seriously... it's incredible. I have had so many people tell me that my face looks so much better. I actually feel like I look good for the first time in a while.
  6. hey! thanks for the support and the advice... i will definitely try that! how is the accutane going for you so far?
  7. hey! thanks for the support! i hope we're both totally clear by christmas too how's the accutane going for you?
  8. awwwhhh thanks hun! i am going to be a junior hows school going?
  9. Day 35 Thanks for the support everyone! Ok so it's day 35... but I did miss two days of Accutane because my derm appointment was on Friday (not Thursday... oops!) I'm on 60mg a day now and so far my back hurts a lot! I couldn't fall back asleep this morning so now I'm posting here. My face still looks good... only a few zits here and there that are slowly drying. Yesterday I went to school to help with new freshmen and a lot of my friends told me my face looks great. Have a good rest of the wee
  10. Hey! I was just checking in... how is the Accutane going?
  11. Hey Iliad! I just wanted to wish you good luck with the tane! I'm sure your face will be absolutely clear in no time
  12. Hey Joseph12! Thanks for the support! I really hope that your skin starts to clear like mine did after a month! Good luck with everything
  13. Hey Lauren! I just wanted to see how everything is going so far. Hang in there! You're face will be clear and gorgeous in no time
  14. Day 29 Thanks Joseph12... I really hope that you start clearing up like I did too... it really is great to see a huge improvement this fast! Wow it's already September 1st today!?! School starts in a week from today and I am so excited to go back with clearer skin! I only have a few zits on my left cheek... one which has a huge disgusting white head (ewwwwww!) I have a derm appointment on the 4th... which means I'll be without tane for a day (grrrrrrrrr!) Yesterday I had a bloody nose for the
  15. Hey live2sing! Did you start sophomore year yet? I just saw on your signature that you switched to 80 mg a day... how is that going? I have a derm appointment this week and I think I'm going to be switched too.