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  1. Hello, I have been using Dan's products almost 2months now. It works, It really helps. But it creates dead skins on my face and neck(I use dan's product on neck too) so I think I need some scrubs to get rid of those dead skins. Any recommendations? thoughts? experiences?
  2. Yes it happened to me exactly same thing. I use 1pump cleanser, 1pump BP, 1pump moisturizer. I've been using this products 4days now, twice a day. I was thinking lowering BP and moisturizer amounts. my face also burns/become red when I apply moisturizer after BP.
  3. Aveeno sunblock is a spray type, oil-free. Is it going to be ok?
  4. Hello, Today was my first day with Dan's 2 products. Feels good so far. I want to know if I can use Aveeno SPF70 sunblock after I apply moisturizer. Thanks.