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  1. I don't know where in the state of FL you are but if you are driving distance from West Palm Beach I received a follow-up course of Accutane a couple of years ago from Dr. Oren Lifshitz. Dr. Lifshitz was professional and seemed knowledgeable and skilled. At the time he was one of the few doctors in Palm Beach county prescribing Accutane. I don't know if he does scar treatments but since he was one of only 3 doctors in the county prescribing the strongest/best acne medicine there is a good chance
  2. I did not see the name of his doctor. I reviewed his thread and his photos and blog.
  3. My dermatologist doesn't do any scar treatments. I have researched and called around S. Florida and can't find a Dr. who does anything but lasers. I have a few ice pick scars and deeper scars and don't think a laser will do it. Thanks
  4. Mr. Matt. Your skin looks much improved from the subcision and TCA Cros. Would you please share with me the name of the doctor who did your subcision and TCA Cros treatments? I cannot find a doctor in South Florida who does either of these. I may need to travel to get it done. Thank you for sharing.
  5. I may want to try TCA Cross on a few old, ice pick scars. Does anyone know a doctor who is good at TCA Cross in either South Florida or in Chicago? Thanks.
  6. Hi, KarmicKandy. I went to a plastic surgeon. He charges the same for 1/2 syringe of Restylane as local dermatologists (they all charge around $350 unless there is a special running). It seems scars have to be pretty deep to be injected. My scars that he said are too shallow are visible but they are not ice pick deep. Maybe different doctors feel differently about injecting shallower ones. I don't know. Hope that helps.
  7. I have a few deep scars from acne. I also have some acne scars that are not as deep. Since almost everything I have read indicates that lasers do nothing for acne scars (especially deeper ones like I have), I have really wanted to try temporary filler. I am fine with it being temporary since I once had silicone injected (a permanent filler) and am now left with permanent bumps. With temp. fillers, you will need to have a few hundred dollars to spend every 6 months. The day of: I was disappo
  8. No one has had any improvement to their scars from any laser (once their swelling subsides)?
  9. I was on Accutane for about 52 days and had to stop because of a side effect. I have some new scars and want to try TCA Cross. Conservatively, I should probably wait 9 to 12 months, right? Some doctors have told me for lasers they insist on 12 months -- 6 months is not long enough. Same for TCA cross?
  10. If you had improvement that lasted 9 months or longer, which type of laser was it and do you remember the setting level or number of passes?
  11. Thank you, Robert! I am so glad to hear that you have been getting good results! Please share the name of your doctor and what city he/she is in (in case I live nearby or it is one of the cities that I visit). Is your doctor a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon? Any tips on finding one who is good at injecting scars?
  12. It seems to me that these fillers could elevate the depressed areas I have and smooth out my skin(my pock marks are a little wide). I have 5 to 7 I want filled. My situation is worsened by the fact that I also have 3 silicone bumps next to 2 depressed scars resulting in little hills and valleys. I want to fill the indentations to even surface out. I know there is some risk that the filler goes around the scar and creates a "donut effect" and makes it look worse. I wonder if it is just a matter
  13. So true! It is not just sexy on men but can be on women too. Textured skin and a bit of toughness can be sexy on women also. I saw a foreign actress in a movie that had textured skin and she played an archaeologist. What you noticed the most were her facial features and figure but the textured skin definitely did not take away and added to her "earthiness".
  14. The mini-facelift you said you had really interests me. My worse scaring is on my chin -- combination of ice pick scars and some bumps from silicone injections. If I pull my chin taut, it looks smooth. So I have thought maybe some sort of facelift would help. Plus I am almost 40 so starting to get more sagging in chin area. What area of your face was lifted? Thanks. Also, please share the name of your surgeon? Same dr. did dermabrasion and TCA and lift? Hard to find doctors who work on acne sca