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  1. i have never been told that...maybe i will tell people, "dont you think i have eyes like Hugh Grant" hehehe....but recently a lot of people, have been telling me how lovely my eyes are...alot of people say i have dreamy eyes...i have never really noticed them... but thankyou...and that is very sweet you fell in love with my eyes *blushes* hehehe may i say, that you are a very attractive girl, your b/f is a very lucky guy :)
  2. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1229977802/gallery_81081_8721_169790.jpg taken 22nd december. i was told by someone i have the eyes of a sad person...it would explain a lot... i must say that it is very refreshing to see many people not scared to post their pics up on here... this is a great thread topic
  3. cute! thanks not many people think that...although is it a good thing to be considered "cute" at the age of 22 lol it's always good to be considered cute. hehe well in that case i will wear my cute tag with pride...may i say, you are very cute yourself too...and congrats on getting complimented on your skin at the record shop :)... i havent been complimented in a long time, and never about my skin when i did...i know it feels good when you are complimented in general, let alo
  4. thanks... its strange you say that cause someone said the exact same thing to me the other day lol... i dont think they are dreamy...im sure one of my eyes is wonky and also lazier than the other lol...it has a mind of its own i swear lol
  5. cute! thanks not many people think that...although is it a good thing to be considered "cute" at the age of 22 lol
  6. i must say, everyone looks good in their pics ... oh and i forgot to mention... i am 22... mixed race, Indian/White... from the UK
  7. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1224891384/gallery_81081_8721_1888.jpg Me in May 2008...this is my fave pic of me...i am the fifth beatle lol http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1228211965/gallery_81081_8721_311062.jpg Me on the 7th of december. With a ridiculous look on my face. Excuse my sis b/f in the background sorting out the xmas tree lol http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1228211965/gallery_81081_8721_125903.jpg Me again on the 7th Dec. Wanting to grow my hair bac
  8. just a quick update... i gone back to washing my face with water only, seeing as its the only thing that doesnt completely dry me out...just a little but some moisturiser can help with that... i also gone back to using a beard trimmer to shave, once a week...thinking about maybe twice now...but i dont need to shave that often... finally, i have updated my gallery...some more pics...im wondering whether my face is still the same or if the red marks have become worse... opinions would be grat
  9. im 22 and a virgin, the truth is, i've only ever had two chances to lose my virginity, and both times it didnt feel right and there were other extenuating circumstances to take in to account... honestly, only recently it has bothered me about my virginity, but i get more bothered about the fact that i've never had a proper girlfriend, i'd rather have a girlfriend than to just get my leg over, so to speak... i seem to find myself quiet and left out of conversations with my friends, when they ta
  10. to be honest...you can try and do all those things, and you might feel the same... you just need to find something which you can do, which will help you feel less stressed about your acne.. i myself, grew a big beard, and people probably stopped looking at me cause of my acne, but stared at me cause of my beard...being brown and with a big beard is probably not the best idea, seeing as there are many ignorant minded people lol... but growing the beard made me feel good, i dont know why, maybe
  11. probably worry about it coming back lol... once i am completely clear, i'll probably find something else wrong with me
  12. to be honest, i've never had that sort of problem, i mean my friends and family never have stared or spoken to me about my skin... but i can understand, how your feeling, that you can always sense her looking at your face, cause it makes you feel self-conscious... i think if you just ask her, why shes looking at you, it should be cool...or just counter-act her actions, and keep staring back at her, and see how she likes it... thats what i tend to do, when people in the street are staring at m
  13. to be honest, when i just use water, my marks seem to fade... they seem to get more visible, when moisturising my face, but i think that may be because i im rubbing the lotion into the skin
  14. just to add to my last comment... most facial washes which i have checked have sodium based ingredients, even the Dans Cleanser on this site has a few of them... is it possible to get a face wash which is free of this ingredient?