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  1. yeah welcome to my world, I was told that I have Edema, and I was just fine before I ever took Accutane, may it burn in hell! I have swollen feet, and sometimes have a hard time exercising, Punishment after punishment.
  2. The best time to take vits according to my nuetropath is during a meal.
  3. I've been drinking black tea since I was a kid (mom is addicted to it lol), and if it was good for the skin, I wouldnt be on this forum, hope it answers your question.
  4. Ok thanks guys, I'm going to keep using it and see if those lil small whiteheads eventually disappear after a while
  5. I have been using Aloe Vera Gel (FOTE) for about 5 days or so, but I noticed that I've been getting these small little whiteheads....are these common? did any of you have similar problems, cause I really like the way it feels and I did notice a difference but just hate breaking out from it.
  6. I have been breaking open Vit E gel caps and using them on my red marks, so far so good! I have actually seen a reduction in my red marks, and thats only after about 4 days...If I use it for a month, I will definitely seen huge improvments. If your going to use Vit E. Make sure its good quality Vit E.
  7. I have been reading alot how just using the oil from Vit E. Capsules has helped fade scars and acne marks, and was wondering if anyone here has had success with this method? thanks!
  8. DeVa


    I eat 2 Organic eggs every morning, never had problems or had breakouts because of them
  9. After going to a neutropath for health reasons more than acne reasons, I have noticed improvements in my skin, but of course, diet alone has helped greatly. Here are the supplments I'm currently taking: Vitamin E Vitamin C Multi Vitamin Cod liver oil (I was told by nuetropath that it helps with acne) Vitalzyme (Also helpful for acne and many many other things)
  10. A good way of knowing not to share anything here...I thought it would be helpful to see what each food helps with, whether its for acne, edema, etc....oh well....and casenickles what in the heck is your problem?? Infact I have seen dramatic improvements in my skin from diet alone, so I dont need to report on my skin condition in a week, I already know When did it become illegal to post something about food in the "diet/holistic health" section. Thanks Brokenflower, at least you have respect f
  11. If your looking for a really good brand of Vitamin E, I have been taking Unique E by A.E. Grace, it was recommended to me by my neutropath, pricey, but probably one of the best.
  12. Yeah thanks for posting this info, very informative!
  13. I mix the hydrogen peroxide with the baking soda. How do you brush your teeth with hydrogen peroxide?