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  1. Skin care: Face wash £12 every month Face cream £28 every 2-3 months Glycolic Acid Toner £29 every 3 monthsCotton pads £2 every few months Eye make up remover £4 every few months Lip treatment for cracked lips £2.50 2/3 months Body moisturiser £4 every 2 months Make up: Foundation (liquid) £27 every 6 months Foundation (mineral) £14 Powder £21 every 6 months Mascara £7 every 3 months I only put down the things I buy regularly so not including brushes, eyeshadows, things I've had f
  2. Sorry to hear you're not having any luck clearing your acne, I think we can all relate here I would also reccommend a mineral foundation for you, they are the least likely to irritate your skin and block your pores. I'm not sure where you are but here in the UK I use a brand called BareFaced Beauty as the minerals are 100% pure. You want to really research the ingredients before you buy, not all mineral foundations are as pure as they say they are. The less ingredients in it, the better.
  3. I know exactly how you all feel. Another thing? The girls who post pictures of themselves make up free and emphasise the fact they're not wearing any...what do they want, a medal? Or obviously for someone to say "Ooh wow, omg you're soo pretty even with no make up!!" And then they act all high and mighty like they're better than you because they're not "fake" and only spend 10 mins getting ready in the morning. Get over it. Just to clarify, it's not that I hate girls who don't wear
  4. Hey, so I'm after a mineral foundation but I'm finding it really hard to find one! I'm in the UK so need recommendations based here. Currently I am using Estee Lauder Doublewear which I have always loved but they recently changed the formula and now I hate it that and I really want something lighter and nicer for my skin, as Double wear is very thick and can give me blocked pores. I need a lot of coverage and have a yellowy/olive skin tone so I need a brand that can offer good coverage, a
  5. I had ordered one of these for christmas time but upon reading more reviews and researching more into it, I decided to send it back. I've read some awful things about it and to be honest, didn't want to risk it and basically throw £150 down the drain on a product that makes my skin worse/makes no difference. I just felt it was far too pricey and too much of a gamble for me to take personally. Instead I am focusing more on products, I have started using Environ products and I am in love!
  6. I'm a subscriber too, I LOVE him. He is amazing!
  7. Are you rubbing the foundation in at all? I have this problem but only when I try to blend and rub in my make up. The trick is to either press the make up onto the skin with a damp make up sponge or use something like a stippling brush where again, you dab the brush on top of the skin without dragging the make up at all. Any dragging motions (whether you do it with a brush, sponge, fingers), will lift the flakes and accentuate them. Oh and it's good to exfoliate but everyday would be too mu
  8. ....the hell? Obviously no cancer...look, I know first hand how depressing/debilitating/life-crushing etc acne can be, but the fact of the matter is that it's not life-threatening and if we're all really honest with ourselves, acne doesn't make us feel the way we do...only we do that. I see people with severe acne and they're still happy because they don't let it affect their lives like that, with cancer you don't have much choice. With acne at least there is hope that we can learn to not give
  9. Not great. I stupidly waxed my face again and it broke me out in those annoying small, itchy bumps all over, as well as ripping some bits of skin off my face (yes, ouch), so I look a greasy red mess with wounds and bumps that itch and feel rough all over! F you acne.
  10. Another water-proof foundation is Estee Lauder Maximum Cover camouflage Make up. It covers EVERYTHING and is waterproof, but not oil-proof and it can also cause allergic reactions and breakouts depending on your skin. It wasn't for me but you could try a sample?
  11. I hate this too, it makes me feel incredibly self-conscious! I think it's really impolite to do this, granted many people do it subconsciously so we can't blame them too much. I know that I, for one, always maintain eye contact when talking to someone, I don't look around their face.
  12. I haven't been using any acne medications, washes or creams for a year now. My skin seems to be getting a little better. All I do is take good care of my skin now, I don't use anything harsh at all. I use gentle cleansers and moisturisers, exfoliate 3 times a weeks and do a clay mask 3 times a week. It works for me.
  13. Venture outside without any make up on! That would be so liberating.....
  14. My husband says I still look beautiful and he says it's kind of cute lol He even said he doesn't want it to go away because that is me and he likes it (what the hell?!) lol
  15. I used to skip college a lot when I was 17/18 because I was too embarrassed by it. It didn't help that I didn't know how to take care of my skin and used a lot of make up incorrectly, therefore making it look worse with so much cakiness and unevenness (it looked a right mess) and by clogging it as I didn't remove it properly or take care of my skin. It was a really hard time in my life and I would often get ready to go in the morning but then I would see myself in the mirror and feel disgusted a