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  1. hey guys. i haven't been sick in like over 2 years. just after starting doryx 150mg/day 2 and a half weeks ago, i developed a fever and headache. is this just one of the side effects? should i continue taking the antibiotics?
  2. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/expect-de...it-t228182.html
  3. well i finally had my appointment yesterday. it was a pretty good experience overall. my derm was very nice and pretty she made me feel very comfortable. it was very quick. she came in, shook my hand, and asked me a few questions about my family history, products used in the past, drug allergies, etc. then she sat me down in the examining chair and looked closely at my face and felt the texture with her hands. all this took about 3 minutes. she then left and came back with a prescription, sam
  4. hi. i made an appointment with a dermatologist and the earliest slot that was available was 1 month away! anyway, this will be my first time going to a derm. i have mild but persistent acne, and some hyper pigmentation. i suspect the doctor will give me some antibiotics and some cream. just how much time do they spend with you? is it just looking at your face for a few seconds and then writing a scrpit (like so many other doctors?) do they perform any tests, or anything like that? usually whe
  5. i called my insurance and they said that because i have an HMO, i have to see my primary care physician to get a referral to any specialist. they also said that some doctors don't require you to make an appointment, but just to call and ask for a referral. i guess if you have a different type of insurance, you can go straight to a derm.
  6. im going to go see a dermatologist soon and i need something for my red marks. i don't really break out anymore, but i have these discolorations all over my face that has lasted for months. is there some kind of prescription medication that helps fade these?
  7. my health insurance has assigned me to one family doctor. usually i go see him for something, and if necessary, he will refer me to a specialist. my question is, do i need to go through him to see a dermatologist, or can i just call up my insurance and ask them to refer me directly. it just seems like a waste of time to make an appointment with a doctor just to get a referral. let me know. thanks.
  8. and if so, how long before i can expect to see results? thanks.
  9. its definitely the accutane. i've tried two different eye drops and they both don't help with redness.
  10. hang in there, initial breakout is normal. i got one too and it lasted about 2 months. now i haven't had a pimple for 4+ weeks. i recommend getting some neosporin maximum strength w/ pain relief ointment (not the cream). dab it on your active pimples, and ones already popped. you will notice that they will come to a head more faster and also heal faster.
  11. whenever i have a beer i usually skip the dose for that day. i've done it about a dozen times, no problems.
  12. losing interest in video games is no biggie, it's part of growing up. but not liking sopranos... something is definitely wrong with you.