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  1. i am in middle of month 2 and i still get new pimples
  2. i yelled at my mom when she was telling me i was ugly no one should disrespect you in anyway no matter who they are and what it is Remember! after elementary school you don't have to take shit from no bodday
  3. if ur doc/derm says so but just try to keep it simple
  4. i noticed a couple more scars after starting accutane but they might be there anyways after ur acne starts clearing a bit
  5. i dont think they blackheads but could they be freckles?
  6. carmex is aight but donst last long enuf theres this one called keisha's #1 or something like that and last quite a while longer
  7. i remember i had with the gel it kinda cleared me a little but acne came back ever worst than before
  8. rebel against them and don't go to school till they get u it and tell them how much u will do better with accutane.
  9. i am 5 weeks in and my oily skin is coming back slowly, why is this?
  10. actually keep u clear for like years and never come back? Is it supposely stop or fix your oil reproduction? or does it work other way?
  11. from my prospective, i think you should just leave your skin the way it is and wait for ur red marks to naturally fade and for alot of ppl the acne never came back so dont worry unless if it ever comes back
  12. wow congrads, are all your red marks gone also?
  13. how long did it take for you to stop getting acne after starting accutane?