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  1. Hey everyone! While I was sitting in the office at my now full-time job, I came across an article on buzzfeed that reminded me how bad my acne used to be and how soul-crushing it was for my self-esteem. Now, I've graduated with a bachelor's degree in english, a master's in journalism and at 23, have a very happy life (despite a few breakouts here and there). I haven't logged on to this site in YEARS, but I wanted to share another update, post-accutane about how my life has gone since then. S
  2. I disagree! Microderms might not have a strong effect on current active acne, but for scarring and red marks, microderms are well worth the price! It's a science though, you should get your microderms within 3-5 weeks of each other, once a month if you're on a budget. Microderms also take time to show long-term results. With continued microderms your skin will continue to produce collagen to fill in pitted acne scars and fade red marks. Don't be too discouraged! It can be a wonderful post-br
  3. get used to having your blood drawn! & good luck but i bet you will see results!
  4. teehee: i has just turned sixteen when i started taking accutane, and at 19 im very happy that i did! juniorhasacne: if your acne isn't all that bad I would consider a less serious type of medication like a topical cream or one of the cyclines. accutane is usually a last resort for most derms, i know it was for mine and we tried a lot of things before i was ok'ed for it. you should take to your derm for sure!! faithgirl1409: that is so nice! haha thank you!
  5. Hey Everyone! It's literally been ages since I've been here/ posted any type of update. Like.. literally almost 3 years or so. My first point in interest, if anyone is considering taking accutance.. TAKE IT. the side effects really are normally minimal and in time go away almost completely unless something actually went wrong. Honestly, taking accutane was probably the best thing that I could have done as a teenager. You skin WILL continue to get better and better as the years go on, a
  6. I'm on about day twenty now, so it hasn't been long at all. It really isn't that bad. I hardly know that i'm on it besides having dry lips, all you do is take one or two little pills every day and your good to go until the next day
  7. That happened to me too. One day I was fine, then over the course of a week it got worse and worse and worse and i never had cysts or nodules until about two months ago. The cyclines and stuff never helped me, so accutane was the last resort. The thing with this kind of acne, is that it takes months to go away, and will just come back. I'm on accutane now, just started really, and already have had tons of improvement. My acne looked a lot like yours, too.
  8. sweet :) yeah i started on the 18th

  9. I've got a lot of cysts on my face right now, but i'm putting my faith in accutane, i'm only on day eight. But it's the cyst itself that causes the scarring. They go so deep and once they hit the tissue, the deep stuff, that's when a scar is likely to occur.
  10. hey i am on day 5 ! you started on monday??

  11. Oh, don't worry about it. Yeah, hopefully it goes down in the next couple days