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  1. You must be very, very insecure if you think crying is for the weak. It is for the weak. Real men dont cry how would you of felt as a kid if you saw your father crying ? You must be very, very insecure about your sexuality if you think crying is for fags. Nope im straight and proud. Dont like gays and i dont have time for cry babies either You must be very, very insecure, trolling an acne support forum on the internet, starting shit with people. Im not starting shit with anyone and im not
  2. I have no problems but a lot of people here do Some of the guys here should think about having sex changes because there all so emotinol.
  3. I have to ask. Have to ever truely been in love with a girl? No love is for idiots, The only person you should truley love is yourself Il never cry over a girl because im not a fag. Its only ok to cry when somebody dies unless that happens crying is for women, gays and the weak. Don't listen to YourDaddy...... showing weakness is a sign of strength That makes no sense. Thanks to the people with genuine, positive responses. Your welcome.
  4. There is nothing wrong with crying over losing the woman you love Its a little girly but whatever works for you. lol maybe I'm just a dick too but I agree. Its better to be a dick than a pussy female and british asian Yum
  5. Show some compassion dude, the guy is hurting. Come on we are men, Theres no need to cry about these things sometimes you gotta take it on the chin and move on. If its women your upset or angry with just get a hooker and do some really degrading stuff with her after you do that, have a shower and get some sleep then you will wake up feeling refreashed.
  6. The cash of course. If i was rich i wouldnt care if i had acne or not money would make me more happy than clear skin.
  7. i think im mr average. average intelligence, average looks, i did average at scholl. i think you get my point You sure
  8. I dont like girly girls much. Id rather a girl whos into sports and someone who doesnt mind getting their hands dirty i dont really mind if her hair, nails, make up etc isnt perfect as long as shes clean.
  9. She could have a personality like a brick wall if she was super hot.
  10. I dont really find Keria Knightley and Paris Hilton all that attractive but Natalie Portman's pretty hot. Christina Aguliera had a great ass back at her best and Shakira's also got a cracking behind both of them are quite small upfront.
  11. Its all about the ass i dont really care about boobs, there just a bonus if shes got nice ones shape means more than size when it comes to boobs.
  12. I always air dry and it helps a lot the less touching the better.
  13. Things are not all that bad Instead of looking at what you dont have start looking at what you do have and you will be a lot more happy.