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  1. I'm using on-the-spot bp on my forehead and its impossible to do it without leaving white residue on my eyebrows and hairline. What is the proper way to wash this off? Should I wipe it off with a wet wash cloth and risk wiping away some of the bp in that area, or should I wait for it to dry and then wash it off? I've ordered the gel, its in the mail.. prehaps that will solve this problem.
  2. How important is moisturizing? I too like the dry affect the bp has on my skin and it doesn't seem too dry. Even the moisturizer for oily skin seems to make my face very shiny. -FastEddy
  3. Thanks for all the comments guys... I've only been on The Regimen for a couple of days and my skin is already looking a lot better. Maybe I'll hang up the cap for good, but then again I should expect a breakout sometime next week, right? -FastEddy
  4. Hey Dan (or whoever answers these questions), My problem area is my forehead and I usually wear a baseball cap (backwards) to cover up my acne when I go out in public. I've just begun The Regimen and my question is can I still wear my cap, or will this just irritate my skin and spread bacteria? I'd really like to wear it for the first few weeks until my skin clears up. -FastEddy