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  1. Day - million it seems. At some point of my life, I forgot about acne.org , maybe because college took over my life and I didn't have much free time ... During my absence from the message boards here, I found my solution. Although it is not 100%, I am satisfied. The three photos are pictures of me at 1am after washing my face/applying BP and lotion. Current updated products: A.M. -Brush my teeth with aquafresh first -Wash my face with two pumps of Neutrogena Naturals purifying facial cl
  2. After flying back home to Cali: Morning: Purpose cleanser 2.5% BP as a spot treatment (2 finger length worth * important) Neutrogena Healthy skin lotion AHA (2 pumps) Cetaphil Lotion BE MATTE foundation Night: Purpose cleanser 2.5% BP as a spot treatment (2 finger length worth * important) Neutrogena Healthy skin lotion AHA (2 pumps) Cetaphil Lotion Conclusion: This is the best regimen that works for my skin type. I might be allergic to SA or something, my skin comes very irritated when I u
  3. Thanks iWantBeHappy, I will definitely try to eat and live a healthier lifestyle as much as my budget can expand. Skin is doing tiny bit better after getting off SA. New regimen after reading reviews and browsing the drugstore website: Morning: Purpose cleanser Desert Essence 20% australian tea tree oil 2.5% BP as a spot treatment (Neutrogena On-the-spot) Cetaphil Almay foundation Night: Purpose cleanser Desert Essence 20% australian tea tree oil Aloe Vera jelly Mint Julep Masque ( onc
  4. I'm looking for an affordable make-up remover for my foundation (Almay Clear Complexion). I know that MAC's Cleansing oil rocks! But as a poor college student, I'm hoping for something more to my budget. Thank you
  5. I'm been using it for over 2 weeks, almost 3! I can say that this foundation beats mineral make-up in the long run. Mineral make-up made my face look cakey since the oils on my face would built up at the end of the day and it just looked bad. Almay Clear Complexion is a nice foundation you can build up with (use a triangular sponge). It you have dark scars, there is a Clear Complextion Concealer too! A little tough to get off, but not as tough as the Estee Lauder double wear. I'm looking
  6. Bad choice for dropping BP My face has taken a reverse effect. I took a road trip this Summer and my face has been terrible. Been using the same regimen, and I seem to get whiteheads and everything. Quite annoying. Maybe it's the climate change, but my new regimen after a disastrous SA regimen try: Morning: Purpose gentle cleanser Cetaphil Almay Clear Complextion Foundation with 0.5% SA in it? I decided to drop BE minerals since I ran out of primer, and my skin just looked bad at the en
  7. Thanks , I think I will stick with BP... I tried an SA regimen, and it did nothing for me.
  8. I'm stuck between using SA or BP. Breaking out from SA products, is it purging? Why do you pick your product?
  9. Minor improvements everyday , I dropped the BP in my regimen, and my face has been doing just as good! I think it has been the AHA that has been helping me all the time. I even stopped using MAC's cleansing oil to remove my make-up... Well one reason is because I ran out lol, and Fall semester is starting for college so I'll refrain from buying expensive things. Current regimen: (Morning) -Purpose Gentle Cleanser (OH!!! They sell a larger bottle in CVS now, twice the size which is big plus.
  10. I didn't really notice much, but like squarebed said, I was using other products with it so I don't know it's real potential. Probably would be best to avoid it if you're using other tropicals.
  11. A good percentage of people have negative reactions. Although BE mineral make-up is promoting their new 'matte' foundation that doesn't contain bismuth. I think on their website, they'll send you a free 10 day sample. So you can try that and see if you have the same reaction or not. Most people stick to EverydayMinerals because of the bismuth. Since my skin doesn't have any bad reaction to BE minerals, I just stick to it since I already spend over $50 in products and there is a store in t
  12. 15 minutes, maybe longer if I'm experimenting with eye shadow shades and high lights
  13. Can't really answer any of your question, sorry . But I trust Amazon when you order things, and they give you an estimated day when it'll arrive any everything. If your product has a delay, they will notify you too. I haven't had any problems with amazon.
  14. Not worth it, sounds like torture . Maybe try zinc as an external application? Soak the vitamin in water and then apply with with a cotton ball? Or cut it in half! lol. There is a little plastic type device that the pharmacy has for people who only need half a tablet of whatever medication.
  15. Are you a big kisser? Do you have allergies? (in other words, snot getting on your upper lip without realizing it). I remember when I kissed my BF and his snot got on my upper lip and caused a cluster of whiteheads. I know, how romantic right? lol. Do you drool when you sleep? But I know whiteheads around the lips are one of the most sensitive places you can get one. It sucks . There was this one minty lipgloss that would make me breakout around the lips, so mint maybe? I haven't found