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  1. yeah I took 40mg for 5 months and I just got off a month ago. My eyes were red and dry all the time lol. teachers and kids at my school thought i waked and baked lol. but just get some moisturizing eye drops but NOT visine because my doctors says it will ruin your eyes. [
  2. I was just wondering if it is okay for me to take the supplements I'm taking while on Accutane. Right now I am taking: Vitamin C 3 flaxseed oil pills Zinc Vitamin E Vitamin B50 complex
  3. Saml


    yea if u still have red marks you should definitely do it. but i thought they were suppose to go away lol because I kind of have alot and I thought it just took time.
  4. I had pretty moderate acne last September. I went to a dermatologist and they gave me Differin but he offered accutane but my mom is making me try differin. It worked pretty good but I still had probably mild acne. I want it completely gone so I'm using benzaclin too. Thats really drying and I just want my acne gone. Do you think even though my acne is not that bad anymore they would give me accutane? My acne, even though its not that bad, makes me really depressed and I avoid hanging out
  5. aha oh i forgot this is it. http://usa.lush.com/cgi-bin/lushdb/00217?expand=FacialCare " target="_blank"> http://usa.lush.com/cgi-bin/lushdb/00217?expand=FacialCare BOTTOM LINK!
  6. Do you think this moisturizer is okay to use with benzaclin? I was looking at the ingredients and I'm not sure if they are okay for people with acne?
  7. I just started Benzaclin Monday. My skin is pretty dry and flaky. My question is...If I don't do anything about the dryness like if I don't use a moisturizer and just the medication will my skin eventually get used to the Benzaclin and not peel and flake anymore? or will it always be dry?
  8. dude. i started using differin in october and it took all the way until june for it to work. it cleared my acne around 90% but now to get it 100% clear my doctor put me on benzaclin in the morning and then i keep using differin at night. definately use the .3% differin and you should maybe get some pills too i took doxycycline hyclate for like six months. but the differin will work it just takes time.
  9. I'm 15 and a guy. My acne started in the sixth grade. It was never bad and I could just use otc meds to treat it but this year it got really bad. It wasn't like extreme bad but to me it was bad. Alot of whiteheads that hurt. I went to a dermatologist last October and he put me on Differin 0.3% and doxycycline pills. Differin is so slow but it finally started working around June. But my face never completely cleared up so now I use Benzaclin in the morning and differin at night. Do you th