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    Leaves soft, clean skin Inexpensive (£4 in the UK but frequently in half price/ BOGOF deals) Easy to locate Not tested on animals Natural ingredients Can cause dryness Has walnut shell powder so not suitable for severe acne After a week of using this my skin felt much smoother, after several weeks the redness has gone right down. This is not going to 'cure' acne but it does feel like it helps as the acne that I have is a lot less obvious and the areas of my skin without
  1. Ha ha, yes all the time! I think even if I had perfect skin I'd still feel that way, it's just how I am [ugly ]
  2. I use an electric razor which isn't the best because it doesn't pick up hairs like a regular razor does but it's so quick and painless I prefer it. But I then also use the little grey sandpaper pads, I think they're called exfoliating pads or 'Silky Mits' or something (I use Boots own brand) which you can just rub over your legs and it takes off any stubble as well as old skin etc, so I guess it's similar to what c'est la vigne talks about- it leaves them feeling much, much softer than if I had
  3. This is really interesting, and I suppose the reason some people (me included) have worse skin on the side of the face they sleep on could be to do with restricted oxygen at night on that side, rather than the fibres of the pillow or dirt on the pillow etc which I think are the common thoughts. You can buy oxygen sprays too, can't you? Maybe they would be good for people who work in offices without any fans.
  4. Good luck with this, I'm sure it'll be fine! I've met quite a few people from the internet now (not in a romantic way but I've made some great friends!) and this is an issue I've found myself worrying about too, but there's nothing you can do about it so when you do meet her you'll find it's probably one of the last things on your mind! Also, to add to what Keltron said, some people I've met online have felt like really old, great friends as soon as I've met them, others have been a lot more awk
  5. I'd be interested in this too, I've so far been very lucky in that my acne doesn't tend to leave scars but I had German Measles once which left a large pock mark right on my forehead, because obviously just having acne isn't enough of a punishment! At least I can laugh to myself about it though.
  6. I've always had a thing for older men myself *but* my boyfriend is the same age as me and very young looking (maybe similar to you- he's tall but very boyish looking). I wouldn't describe him as my normal type (if I even have a type) but we've been together 6 years and are still going strong and love each other. The point I'm making, I guess, is people don't really choose who they fall in love with. A girl might have an idea of a particular man in her head but when she falls in love she does so
  7. Kuhoolish I hope you get this sorted with your mother, her saying she wants to take control of your life seems to me to be likely to make things worse- surely she should realise that one of the big reasons people turn to suicide is the feeling that the person has lost control of their life?? But I supposse sometimes the people who care about you the most can be the most blind, she may be feeling hurt and rejected as a mother if she feels that she has failed to raise you to be happy with yourself
  8. The one which bothers me more now are the people trying to be nice who say 'don't worry you'll grow out of it... how old are you anyway?' '25' '...!!!...' Ha ha, the bad skin makes me look so much younger I think people can be shocked when they find out how old I am. I have a baby face as it is, so that doesn't help. I still get asked things like 'so are you taking your A-levels this year?' by people, er nooo I did them 7 years ago!! It bothers me a lot because I already have low self esteem and
  9. Another thing you could try is tinted moisturiser, it isn't going to be quite the same as actual foundation but should even out the colour a little.
  10. I would recommend the nose strips they do work but as Sua says they come back again, but it's a good place to start as clearing them out the way will make it easier to treat upcoming ones. I haven't heard of microfiber clothes either, better check them out!
  11. Urgh, amen to that! Best of luck to you, I am also considering taking it but at the moment have the same reluctance.
  12. Well this is going to depend on your skin type but I find that so many topicals dry out the skin and make it peel that some moisturiser helps with it, otherwise when I put make up on afterwards the peeling skin is more obvious.
  13. I can't possibly see how it could help but if it does, well that's pretty amazing! But I hope you aren't damaging your tongue, 5 minutes seems an awfully long time to brush it for!
  14. Hi Aspirin, This Speedo 'hyrdosuit' is probably your best bet. http://www.speedo.com/webapp/wcs/stores/se...egoryId%3D33343