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  1. Do you have any Before pictures to use as a reference??
  2. ACV has been keeping my skin dry, and I have very oily skin. However I also use B5 so maybe it is a combination of the two that is keeping me dry. I'm not sure about the fish oil question. But you can buy it at Albertsons for .99 Cents.
  3. I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar on my face for a little over a week now. And red marks which no other product-including Retin-A were able to fade are now almost gone. Yes, this stuff does work. I use it once or twice a day by turning the bottle over onto a cotton ball and then spreading it around my skin like a toner. I am also drinking a glass of water with two bottle caps worth of ACV in it once or twice a day. I am still getting used to the taste, don't know if I ever will. But I don
  4. I am really excited about this ACV treatment. I have been using it for 5 days and already I have noticed some fading of my redmarks, although my face did get a little burn during the first few days. One question: Is it a problem if I still use a BP cream after applying the vinegar toner? What I do is after applying the vinegar I will let it dry, then I will apply Dan's BP medication to my face. Does that cancel out the ACV effects or are they ok to use together?
  5. After reading so much about the benifits of using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner to fade red marks I decided to give it a shot. I have read multiple posts stating dosage amounts of 50/50 acv/water, 30/70, neat, etc.... What I can't find is what measurment to use. Is it tablespoons? If so, how many tablespoons of ACV should I be using? So far what I have been doing is either using the cap as a measurment and pouring 4 "caps" worth into a glass and 2 caps worth of water then dipping a cotton
  6. Although some people see results within their first month of using B5, you should only expect to see good results at and around 3 months of REGULAR EVERYDAY usage. How fast it works for you all depends on your body chemistry, severity of acne and oil, and what kind of other treatments if any you use. I know that the use of topical treatments, like Dan's regiment in conjunction with regular B-5 intake will vastly accelerate your skin's improvement. Just give it time. I have read and heard
  7. hey Ditee, Yeah, I heard that the powder form is disgusting! Luckily I ordered the capsules...their website says there is no difference except for the taste. I read the pinned topic above, but I was hoping for more input regarding VitaCure B-5 in particular. The above sticky thread has people talking about 100 different B-5 brands all at once! I am just concerned with VitaCure right now since that is the one I have ordred! Any more input would be great! Thanks.
  8. Hey everybody, I just ordered the two bottle set of Vitacure B-5 from their website. I was wondering if anybody here has tried this particular brand, and if it is good. It was a toss up between Vitacure and Evolution X B-5, but in the end I decided to buy Vitacure instead for some reason. Did I make the right decision? And how good does it work if I take the 20 capsules a day? Thanks for your help!
  9. Hey guys, I need your help. I use Concealer during the day to help cover up some of my acne marks, the red ones, and to help my skin tone look more even. But now that it is summer I will not only be sweating much more often but I will be in and out of the water much more to. Infact I have a rafting trip coming up on July 10th during which I will no doubt be getting wet the entire time. So I need to know about a good waterproof concelar that I can put on, cover up my red marks with, and s
  10. If I want to buy B5 vitamins what name should I be looking for? Will it be called B5 or will it come in the form of another vitamin?? And other than online, what stores would you say I could find B5...Walmart? Walgreens?
  11. exactly! It's much better to conceal all those red marks than to go out with nothing on. I'll have to try out that invisible stuff, because the Loreal stuff I am using now just plain sucks. I am also using the tinted bp from neutrogena to help conceal, that works ok, but needs an extra touch of concealer to cover all the way.
  12. I was watching TV about six months ago, and this special report came up about soy. They talked about how healty it was and all that other stuff, but what really caught my attention was when they began saying it was good at fighting acne! So I paid attention as they showed a girl who had really bad acne,all over her face, talk about how she started eating and drinking alot of soy, then her face cleared up completly in a matter of months. I saw the before and after pictures...it was remarkable. Th