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    It's all spontaneous but scuba diving, rock climbing, nutrition and motorcycles are just a few to name!
  1. Wow, that's awesome Green Gables! It has to be expensive though. Do they sell such peels, I wonder?
  2. Thanks! I've already cut out most sugar already but these guys just don't want to go away! I want to pull my hair out lol
  3. So I haven't been on here for a VERY VERY long time. I don't really have legit pimple action accept for the occasional one here and there (slow changes in diet have helped) but I have these little clogged pores all over my face. They aren't hard, and as disgusting as this is going to sound gunk comes out of them if I decide to squeeze them. I have tried exfoliating, using Clearasil and even glycolic acid to try to get rid of them but nothing is working. I was hoping one of you awesome souls coul
  4. Tell me this, is there an IB for using this, it feels like a lot of the clogged pores on my face are coming to the surface. I just want to make sure lol. And...has anyone used the AHA 10% for the body, if so how helpful is it?
  5. I'm tired of acne on my face I'm tired of acne on my back I'm tired of acne on my shoulders I'm tired of all the scars/red marks I have on my body I'm tired of all the clogged pores I have in general. I am reading Dr. Furhmans Eat to Live, and I'm going to go for it. By the end of this journey I will hopefully cut out all processed food along with dairy, and most carbs. My diet will be heavily based of vegetables, beans, legumes, etc..... I want to know if clogged pores can be cleared with a
  6. Thanks! I am definately curious about this tea. Even if it doesn't help with my acne it would be great to drink none the less!
  7. Wow, what a bummer. It looks delicious none the less =[
  8. Out of curiousity Ditto, where did you obtain this tea. I just checked online and nowhere around here sells this product. Do you live in the US?
  9. Hey, just wondering. Is it possible at least REDUCE candida without going on that bloody diet. Like I mean I ate junkfood for a major portion of my life, but if I start getting into more veggies and whatnot do you think I'll see a difference? Until I learn to tolerate the healthy stuff I have to do things this way....my goal is eventually a high protein low carb diet though. Oh and if any of you know of anything that can help aid my candida masscre that would be wicked awesome!
  10. Okay I have a ton of questions, but first let me post my pics in some desperate attempt to see what it is I truly have... The cheek: [Edited image out] The forehead: [Edited image out] And the back: [Edited image out] Now here's my thing My face was CLEAR until May 08, I got wicked high stress and anxiety that I have had the entire summer. If this is the case, then this couldn't be folliculitis, no? So I'm hoping this is nothing more than just clogged pore
  11. Well here's the thing. I have a feeling my back could be a result of folliculitis, but -The bumps are hard, and have hard plugs, no pus. -They do not itch at all As for my face, I never had breakouts like these until I started having extreme anxiety/stress. Can one develop folliculitis from extreme stress or do you think it's more or less just caused from the overflow of sebum and dead skin? I would prefer to just have acne instead of folliculitis since that seems to be the lesser of 2 evils &
  12. What is this, I had a very clear face until this past May (my back however is a totally different story). Is this non inflammed acne or is this indeed a fungi? My forehead... My disgusting cheek.... And my back
  13. *sigh* My back..is covered in these weird little bump things. If I squeeze them, I get a hard plug as a result. I am getting them on my lower back too...and as embarassing as this is about to be (please don't laugh), I shave my lower back hair since I am quite fair skinned, and being of italian decent..well it kind of shows up clearer then many others. Now I don't know if this is the result of an ingrown, or these are just clogged pores. Advice would be WICKED awesome. I get them on my upper