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  1. The redness is not so bad. It is the unwanted attentions that you get initially that make it insufferable. I had a bad time adjusting on the first two months because I was a bit shy and bashful. Now when people talk and stare I just smile at them and wink. Usually they smile back and nodded at me. I have been all over NYC and even went clubbing in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago.
  2. I do remember you. You was two days post op when I saw you and your face was still a little bit bloody. I am glad you are happy with the result.
  3. I am trying but my face is still red. That is why I am Hell Boy witout the tail, the stone hand and the super human abilities. Cuban cigars anyone???
  4. It is not that bad without the makeup. Yesterday after work I got my hair cut at my regular hair saloon. Initially it caused a stir and that was expected. This morning I had a dental appointment with the dental hygienist at 9 o'clock. She didn't say anything but I suspect she knows about dermabrasion. After my dental appointment I went to HSBC to close out an unused account. I didn't get any more stares or comment than usual. Maybe I have gotten use to people gawking at me and whsipering quietly
  5. Don't worry about it. I have a silly girly hat that I could use. The makeup that I brought and the one that Kwi gave me are sitting on the bathroom shelf collecting dust. I still refuse to wear makeup out in public. Yeah I am a closet case girly man and no matter what I won’t come out looking girlish. Today I went out to Uno for lunch with two of the girls that I work with. I was just a wee bit self conscious. The ultimate test would be at my friend’s banquet on May 21st. After w
  6. My daily morning routine starts with riding my bike trainer for about 20 minutes before I leave for work. When I get home in the evening I work out with light free weights for toning before dinner. After dinner I walk my dog for about 2 1/2 miles. I am almost back to my old daily routine before dermabrasion with the exception that I avoid the sun. My face is still red and it doesn't bother me too much now. I am not too self conscious about it. Since this past Wednesday I have stopped using the
  7. My mood don't swing much any more ever since I started to workout with free weight. My body must be generating enough endorphins. The only side effect is my face is a bit redder and my muscle just a bit sore. I will take that over depression any day. My mom visits me every Sunday and tell me how lovely her daughter--scratch that--son looks. I got my digital camera yesterday. Now I have to bribe my buddy with promise to cook him and his girl dinner so he would take pictures of my hideous face. H
  8. I might be a tad shade lighter this morning compare to the beginning of the week. My boss told me on Friday it is looking better and better. Last night people wasn't staring at me when I was eating with friends at Bella Luna. I am still a bit self conscious but the self consciousness is fading fast. When people do stare I smile back at them. A lot of time they smile back. Some just turn their head slowly. Listen there is no way to hide it from your family. You are better off telling them and ge
  9. 2 1/2 weeks ago, after most of the swelling subsided I did notice my old scars on my right cheek. There are two remaining shallow craters on my right cheek. As of today one of them is almost complete level. The other crater is very very shallow. Even if it doesn't completely fill in I will be happy. The texture is getting better and better. Since my left cheek has light scarring it is healing faster than my medium scarred right cheek. All the razor bumps along my jaw line from shaving have all d
  10. This was my washing schedule before starting work for about 2 1/2 weeks. 1. After I awake in the morning 2. A couple of hours after breakfast 3. Shortly after lunch 4. Shortly after tea time 5. Shortly after dinner 6. Before I go to bed. Even on the drive home from New Orleans to NYC I wash my face about every 3 1/2 hours. The washing help with the itching because the gauze pad kind of scratch the itching area. At the rest area people actually stop and watch me wash my face from a distance. Ca
  11. Don't worry about them. On the second day after dermabrasion while I was still wrapped in bandages I drove to the Walmart Superstore. Two old ladies accosted me and asked me straight out what happened. At the cash register, the cashier apologized for being slow. She thought I was in terrible pain because of the bandages. A day later after the bandages came off I went to do laundry. People couldn't stop themselves from staring. On my way home to NYC driving through New Jersey I stopped at the res
  12. I can actually tell the week to week differences. One week the healing will take two steps forward and the following week it will take one step back. The deeper scars on my right cheek seem to be filling in very slowly. Overall the texture is getting slight better as well. I should have taken pictures to monitor the progress. Oh well!!! I have to visit my regular hair saloon very soon. My hair is starting to look like Eddie Murphy Buckwheat character. It will be another bonding moment with the
  13. Isn't the US Open in late August and early September? If you do let me know we can hit the town.
  14. Do the redness and blotchiness comes and goes in cycle? Last week I wasn't very red but this week I am redderâ€â€pinker--than last week. The week before last I was just a wee redder than today. This is frustrating more than depressing. This weekend is supposed to be very nice in the 70’s. I am just going to put a lot of sun screen and going riding on my Cannondale bicycle in the morning. My cure for depression is shopping. A Patek Philippe Calatrava would be nice. How about a 4S altho