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  1. try leaving out eggs and see how that goes. Eggs are too hot for the body when eaten every day.
  2. Congratulations. what type of acne did you use to have? Did you have the kind where every pore is blocked with blackheads and whiteheads and get inflamed?
  3. Some people her have got tested for food intolerances. I wanted to get similar testing done but I have not been able to figure out who I should go to. I went to a top dermatologist in my area and he wanted to prescribe me accutane. He said he doesnt do allergy testing and doesnt know anyone who does. I also called the allergy institute and they said they only treat known allergies. Can anyone please advise where to go? for reference I live in san francisco bay area Thanks
  4. Bump. This sounds amazing. I'm going to try this. After getting married few months ago, I havent been able to take care of my diet and have got severe inflammed acne on both cheeks, jawline and forehead. I'm going to do 3 litres of water a day and report back if it works. Plus no picking. I have picked almost all and now I cant take my makeup off until I sleep it's gotten that bad
  5. Hi guys, What are your thoughts about this idea. Many people say that by regualrly massaging with certain oils and washing face with manuka honey in the morning. They have finally managed their acne. Both of these are processes which affect acne to a superficial level. unlike diet. So do they work even without a diet change (ofcourse that would be a plus). If yes, can we conclude that acne can be controlled by what you put on your face alone as well?
  6. Hi guys, I've noticed that right before I start to get new acne, I see blackheads appear all over my face. It is those blackheads which then become acne. During my good skin days, the blackheads also appear few and far between. I have read that blackheads are formed due to hormones which as most of us here have experienced can be controlled by diet. I have myself done it many times. Regulated my hormones by avoiding milk, sugar etc. But from time and time again I relapse. and those
  7. Btw this still happens in Asian and South East Asian villages, People go to nearby fields and squat on the ground to relieve themselves, the only natural way to do it without toilet. Just do this once and see for yourself. First poop the 'normal' way i.e. sitting on the toilet as you do. When you feel afterwards as if there is still something left, put your feet up on both toilet edges (balance, you can do it ) and more will come which you would have gone about without removing! I'm not com
  8. @michelle yes bumpiness, mostly from remaining white and black heads, visible pores. I have oily skin
  9. Those who have acne under control might have some useful suggestions Even with no acne, I have noticed that the texture of my skin is very rough, visible pores. Has anyone noticed benefits of something specific which makes facial skin smoother, nicer looking and pores small? Something in the diet? Oil cleansing or any masks? They only time I noticed an incredible improvement in my skin texture was when I had a short stint on Accutane. My skin became plump and glowing. I could go
  10. Some additional notes. I've finally figured out that eggs are a major culprit for me. Recently started eating one egg every day in breakfast and wrecked havoc. Took me a while to figure out the problem.
  11. I'm interested in knowing the results of your ocm experiment. How severe is your acne?
  12. Hahha cupcakejess! Your photo and screename says it all! But I'm with you on that! It is soo hard. But I have reduced 80% of the bad eating habit now. Im much more disciplined but do treat myself occasionally