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  1. Guys please give me some advice because I'm at loss now. From September '14 to December '14 my dermatologist prescribed me: Epiduo Minocycline Sodium Sulfacetamide First 2 weeks were horrible, but after that my skin was almost perfect, rarely any new breakouts. My back still had light to moderate acne though. However, they took me off minocycline because of it's dangers over long term use. My new regimen for the past 5 weeks has been: Differin Acanya Gel Minocycline (after 3 weeks in)
  2. Incorrect, Dan's regimen worked wonders for 2 years, then it progressively became worse. It was around when he switched the BP from pumps to tubes and he created that new moisturizer formula. I will never understand his reasoning behind that...
  3. Lol oh boy if you guys knew half the story of what I've experienced in acne...I've been on this forum for many years as you can see, but to give a general outline: -Yes been on Dan's regimen, went from moderate acne to literally clear skin in months and maintained that way for years -Stopped working slowly and by May 2011 I quit -Tried various OTC products, BP washes, Salicylic pads from May-August, acne progressively got worse -Visited a walk in clinic, got prescribed to doxy, the doctor
  4. The pictures are small? They are pretty big on my screen, 991x392, here's a better sized picture? http://i.imgur.com/eAOcY.jpg
  5. I've been told in the past that my acne is moderate, but I think it's rather severe, what do you guys think?
  6. Yep, this area was the FIRST time I ever started getting pimples, I used to be a very talkative teen and the irritation from talking led to this breakout. Never visited a derm, family is broke and no health insurance, just started a job and the best derm I can get to is the walk in clinics but those people aren't really dermatologists but just general doctors. The massive pimple I had just Friday is like 90% gone now, but it'll be back in 2 weeks again.
  7. Nope the area is never chapped/dry never see any blackheads or whiteheads Never itches And the acne that causes this irritation isn't exactly acne at all. It's the hyper pigmentation/red mark from the previous pimple that eventually gets irritated AGAIN and creates another inflamed pimple. It's like giant cycle. As for toothpaste I use Sensodyne, but the toothpaste never touches that area...
  8. I have a problem most of you have likely never had, whenever I eat a food that requires me to open my mouth wide or if I talk or smile a lot throughout the day, I get a massive inflamed acne that lasts for days in the "crease" area underneat the mouth. I can literally feel the irritation build up throughout the day and it's sickening because this has been my #1 acne problem since I was about 12 and this comes and goes every two weeks. here's a picture for reference: Any tips on how
  9. But guys I pretty much change my pillow case every night, like I don't physically change it but what I do is take note of the side I slept on, then sleep on the other side the next day and do the same for my other pillow. Then once I run out of sides to sleep on, I start using towels. I also do not apply any creams or medication. Does anyone have any experience with using a silk pillow case? I honestly think it's the way I move around while I'm sleeping, growing up everyone always told me h
  10. I'm so sick and tired of this shit, since I've stopped applying BP 5 months ago because it was causing me cysts, I wake up EVERY MORNING with at least 5-10 white heads that I need to grab a needle and stab unless I want to look like a fool the whole day. Sometimes they are small but often they are just inflamed acne with a head. How do I stop this?! I'm starting to think it's from the irritation from my pillow, I move A LOT when I'm sleeping and I guess my face rubs hard against the pillow,
    -Helps popped pimples heal quicker(in terms of redness and size) -Nice smell -Didn't do much for my moderate-severe acne While on this product I was using Oxy 10% bp wash and my skin was still pretty bad. Then once I stopped Oxy and only used this, my skin was REALLY bad. I was also using a moisturizer. This is a good product if you have very light-moderate acne.
  11. You are quite the spunky one aren't you... I skipped my senior prom because I knew the lights would be in my face and I had a bad cyst in my t-zone area, as well as dozens of other milia and whiteheads. I also didn't care enough to go... And uhh a few weeks after that I had graduation and had a bad cyst below my lip because of irritation from eating a big ass burger at In n out burger a week before. Needless to say I could tell people were looking at it since it was the only breakout I had, bu
    -Helped acne within a week -Cleared up cystic acne on my cheeks, jawline, neck, and t zone area -Cheap -Broke me out around my mouth, chin, forehead, and temples -New white heads every day -Weird consistency that's hard to foam up, almost feels like lotion. I had differentiating results with this product, it cleared up my skin within a week but after that parts of my skin stayed cleared while the others became even worse(before I was on a non-medicated cleanser and lotion reg
    -Really clears cystic scars! -Cheap -If you use an actual lemon and not the separately contained juice, then you get a bunch of the lemon things(lol?) on your face. -Didn't notice a difference in the amount of breakouts(though I wasn't using it for this anyways). I had this bad patch of cystic scars that were so red it looked like active pimples, tried this and literally within a week it was a noticeable difference. It doesn't completely remove it but it does considerably fade i
  12. What the heck are these? I've had them for years and no matter how much my skin improves on my cheeks, nose, neck, anywhere, these things never seem to go away! I have a few right below my eyes as well. pictures: http://i54.tinypic.com/e5ff55.jpg In the past some of them have turned inflamed as you can see from the bottom pimple on my forehead. Some even end up into cysts!