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  1. is it safe to use the asprin mask everyday for a week? How often can you use it?
  2. I have never used face self tanners for that reason. I am afraid that it would clog my pores or do something like that. Why don't you just go in the sun a bit? the sun can help dry up pimples too.
  3. awah thanks!

    im here to help support by the way, i read your blog and im so sorry. but we're all here because we dont like our skin. somehow, it will get better :]. im a good listener if you ever want to just rant some more.

  4. girl, you are freaking GORGEOUS! You will be fine!!
  5. you could also make an asprin mask and put that on it. that helps a lot for me.
  6. i used to use the same scrub, and it never affected me in a negative way. I think you just have to be careful with how hard you scrub. if you are scrubbing really hard, you can make microscopic tears into your skin and it can cause breakouts. Also, if you have a lot of acne that has come to a head, the scrub can spread you acne. i would always just make sure to scrub it very gently in circle motions. good luck!
  7. I have it, and it doesn't work too well. I have had better luck with face masks from Wal Mart. Oh, and don't use masks as spot treatments. Just put any mask on your face in an even layer, leave it on for 10-15 min (or until it drys all the way). Then rinse it really good all off your face. if you sleep with it on or leave it on for hours, it can actually clog your pores and cause acne. learned that the hard way!
  8. So it's day 3 and my skin looks better. I hope it continues to clear up. My mom would freak if she knew i was doing this!
  9. i have been doing UT for one day now..and already i can see a bit of a difference. I will try it for one week and see how that works. i hope it works!
  10. I'm Eric by the way.

  11. Hey, hang in there, I know it can be tough. This site is here to help you so you should look around at all of the posts to get some ideas. If your skin is getting worse you should consider seeing a dermatologist if you haven't already. Make sure you try and make an appointment soon though because it took me six months to get in. Try looking at this link http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Biggest

  12. isnt accutane a last resort for very severe acne??? I have heard about the side effects and thought that was only for really really horrible kinds?
  13. So I have been on Acne.org for about 4 months now lurking and today decided to make a Username because of this thread. It sounds CRAZY but i am so desperate that i will try anything. I am about to try the urine right now..i will keep yall updated. I am an 18 year old girl and I have been suffering from moderate acne since i was 12! Lol i just put it on. It felt so weird going on...more like a wtf am i doing! haha. It smelled a little bit going on but within 20 seconds i cant smell anything. I
  14. it is a cellphone pic and so the colors are weird but really even my parents and friends have said they have never seen my skin this bad before. that pic is only half of my chin and cheek. I need some ideas on what to do to help it.