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  1. i got 17/20 all three of the ones i went against my guy feeling
  2. yes i am as soon as i put on my neutrogena moisturizer my face looks horribly oily
  3. is there anything you can do about it?
  4. Someone doesn't go from "he's so hot" to "ew" from "1-2 acne things".
  5. I remember seeing pics of your face and it didn't look as bad as you make it sound....
  6. i feel that way too. i always think i look damn good in the bathroom mirror at home, but when i get to the school's bathroom mirror, i look alot worse for some reason
  7. it doesn't seem like they were making fun of your acne or scars from those comments. they were just saying you looked like an actor in some show, if i read your post correctly. that's probably not that bad of a thing. even though they did say you looked like a girl in a show, that's probably not that bad. am i crazy cause from what i've seen, guys with feminine characteristics are usually ones that are better looking. (although i have no idea where those girls got that from. form yourn pi
  8. hmmm Be warned very very uh sick http://www.davezilla.com/images/summer-rocks.jpg i'd assume from overtanning........but yeah that's extreme sigh the price of supposed beauty ←
  9. when you made a thread about a guy raping and killing 8 nurses, im assuming you're talking about richard speck. i looked up a picture of him out of curiousity and i dont really see any acne scarring......dunno, im just confused.