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  1. The key thing is to prevent future breakouts. Once you have achieved that - which you seem to be doing - then your skin will continue to heal. Red marks can take a long time to fully heal, up to 2 years in some cases but as you say they can be hidden. I thought I was winning my battle this week against acne, but just this morning I have woken up with a huge inflammed bump which looks like a nodule to me. How wonderful, just 2 days before going on holiday, it drives me so crazy! Aargh!
  2. Do you use a moisturizer? For me personally, I suffer no side effects from being on minocycline (and I can't comment on tretinoin as I have never used it) but I do use BP. BP greatly irratates my skin and makes it very dry, red and sometimes sore. If you use BP you should be using a moisturizer - something which is very irritant free. I used to use BP 2.5% gel/cream but even this for myself caused my skin to become very sore,I even tried using it just once every two days but no matter what I
  3. That's a similar combination to what I am on. I am using moisturizer, benzoyl peroxide facewash and minocycline. I had been on it for around 8 months and my acne, although not completely gone had improved vastly. My derm wanted me to have a break from the minocycline as prolonged use isn't advised but I am starting it again now. Also I have upped my BP to twice a day and this seems to be having a positive effect. I've been fighting acne for 10 years so my patience is starting to run out! lo
  4. What medication are you using and how long have you been on it for?
  5. Great, thanks for the idea. The eucerin cream does seem to work, and it is defintely helping my skin from being dry, but sometimes I look rather shiny. I have very oily skin so I guess the greasiness of the eucerin cream concerned me. I've just bumped up my BP application from once a day to twice, using eucerin after my face dries and so far no redness (3 days in) - which has always happened in the past. But now I am using a benzoyl peroxide facewash and not a cream/gel as this is jst too ir
  6. I would try your own regimen. Unfortunately with acne, a lot of it is trial and error as everyone's skin reacts differently. I would use SA or BP, I used SA for years and personally for me was not effective whereas BP does seem to be better. However, whatever regimen you decide to start, you really need to give it 2 months as these things don't change overnight (how I wish they would though!)
  7. First of all I have searched this forum but couldn't find particularly any strong suggestions of what moisturizers to use for people who are in the UK but I apologise if there is a thread and I was just too blind to see it... For reference, I use Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Cream With 5% Urea - but I find it somewhat greasy and am worried that using this after BP is actually having a negative impact rather than beneficial. So, if anyone from the UK has recommendations as to what moisturizer is bes
  8. I am 24 and first broke out when I was 14. I remember waking up and being met by ten bright red spots on my left cheek. Only my left cheek to... However, from that day I broke out pretty much everywhere over my face - forehead, chin, jawline, neck, ears! Most recently however, I would say over the last 5 years my breakouts have all tended to be in the lower half of my face. I still do get spots every now and then on my forehead etc but I do have times where no spots are actually there. My f
  9. Hi Kate, thanks for your response. I have been using E101 for about 3 weeks now, not really noticed any significant improvement yet, but I have been suffering from a few outbreaks the last couple of weeks which I am trying to overcome. These most likely would have been forming before I started using E101. I am currently using BP facewash once a day in the morning and I am using E101 late afternoon and at night. I'm going to give it a couple of months to see how things progress as with all ac
  10. Don't leave the toothpaste on for too long. If it's still there take it off because this can caue further inflammation. If you have any Benzoyl Peroxide glob some of that on (followed by moisturizer) or alternatively use AHA (I think after BP according to Dan's regime but I have never tried it). Link here: AHA I often find, although it doesn't stop completely, that using a dab of toothpaste, followed by BP 2.5% and then followed by some neosporin tends to reduce the spot and prevent it from f
  11. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has had much success rate with using Benzoyl Peroxide facewash rather than the regular gel/cream? I only ask as I have very sensitive skin and even using 2.5% made my skin unbelievably sore. If you do use the fasewash could you let me know your regime and if you are finding it successful or not? Thanks!
  12. Do you use a moisturizer? If so you could potentially use a tinted moisturizer which will help. However, this may have adverse effects and clog up your pores, you can always try it but I guess you have to make a decision if you want to or not.
  13. Thanks for your reply, I will take alook at the Obagi Clenziderm. I am from the UK so often I have to find equivalents over here to what is used elsewhere. I must admit my diet isn't the healthiest but then I do regularly exercise and othr things which most likely counteract it. I'll give this e101 a go and see how things progress, f they start to get worse then back to the dermatologist again!
  14. I am 24 and have been suffering from acne for 10 years. However, over the last 12 months it has got considerably better but I think that is a combination of being on minocycline, which I now have stopped and using BP, which I still am using. I tend to get nowadays cystic acne whereas before I never used to suffer from this. I have very sensitive skin and tend to always get left with redness afterwards. Everytime I think it's stopping 4-5 spots come out and it's a repeat, normally in differen
  15. Firstly, hi this is my first post. A brief background, I have been suffering from Acne for 10 years now, I first broke out when I was 14 years old. I guess initially I just ignored it thinking that it would simply pass away and was due to my teenage years... I wish that were the case! After a while I really started to get to the point where I thought enough was enough and it was time to do something about it. Fortunately, I had family who worked for Johnson and Johnson so I could freely g