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  1. wow guys thanks for the replies! Seems like most of you have genes from cold/semi-cold climates in europe but live in warm or humid climates. Just as I suspected!
  2. @xquis3t -Im not getting mad at you, just pointing out a case of counter evidence to your theory. I am probably the whitest kid you'll ever see. Seriously. White as rice. This is because I stay inside all the time... haha. Anyway I still have bad acne, so it can't be the sun. Its good you are thinking about other possible causes to acne though. Although, xquis3t, it is good to limit sun exposure to prevent skin damage. ESPECIALLY WHILE ON BENZOYL PEROXIDE/DIFFEREN/BENZACLYN/DUAC/TAZORAC/etc. be
  3. Hey mang, just stop taking ALL of the supplements that you are for a week and see if acne gets better. if so, slowly add back your things one at a time with 4-5 days between each. if you add something and then you notice a breakout then it's causing the acne. Do this with all your supplements to filter out the bad ones. If stopping all doesn't make any difference then just use clorox bleach 3 times a day. haha jk. I feel ya man, fuck acne! You might want to get differin and duac/benzaclyn if
  4. Hello, If most of your scars are pitted ones, did you mostly pop your pimples, or let them merinate (not pop them)? Thanks for your answer!
  5. Hello, I am curious about the geographic factor involved in acne. I believe that depending on where your parents are from, north and cold, or equatorial and warm contributes differently to ones acne. My dad is from Sweden and moved to America when he married my mom. My mom is from South Dakota and all ancestors on her side are from America except before the pilgrims arrived. Then she is sort of British and Scottish. My dad had moderate cystic acne when he was 15-20 and my mom had mild acne th
  6. sounds good, but DON'T GO OUTSIDE WITH DIFFERIN OR BENZOYL PEROXIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...unless wearing a strong sunblock. It says on the paper with the drugs that they are both carcinogens (cancer causing agents) to the skin when exposed to UV light.