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  1. B5 pills or washing with SA and BP?? B5 seems to make things worse
  2. i have 500mg B5 patheonic (spelling) acid crap how much do i use?
  3. i just bought this... im gunna see if its any good all the websites say its the best
  4. ya but i also use clearasil ultra... and that has 10% BP in it to so why have 2 bp products?
  5. this procuct by neutrogena... is it any good? i needed a new face wash so i switched from panoxyl to this panoxyl is BP and this is SA im also gunna get the multi vitamin acne treatment lotion too people tell me some things
  6. yawn... its not meant to be worn as a makeup dummy and if u werent such a whiteboi maybe it wouldnt look out of place i use it and it blends in very well
  7. could this be used to help clear dark spots and small scars?
  8. i have some dark spots on the side of my face and cheeks... what is a good product to get rid of these? i have some proactive refining mask crap in my bathroom that ive never used... would that be good to use?
  9. after a week or 2i saw reduced redness and clearer skin
  10. i use it in the shower also... it completely clears chest and back acne and works well on the face sometimes though youll notice your face gets VERY dry... but then it gets VERY soft its weird lol but works so i use it i use it after i shave so i dont get dry face anymore
  11. http://chrisnovak0.tripod.com/ im currently washing 2-3 times a day with panoxyl bar (benzoyl peroxide 10% maximum strength acne wash, deep pore cleansing that helps clear existing acne blemishes and prevent new blemishes from forming) (they all say that ) and i also use clearasil ultra twice a day and take 100mg minocycline twice daily
  12. i use this i think it works ok.. anyone else use it? its a BP bar