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  1. one question concerning (mirco-)needling in the post-op time: robertitoo starts microneedling just the same day as subcision was performed on him and after his 2nd subcision he starts with 1 mm needling (both with that derminator thing?) why would he do that? i thought subcision + suction after 3rd day is the key (?) and microneedling follows after a few weeks when the bruising from subcision is gone..? btw is there any difference between (micro-)needling and dermarolling? mr matt uses the te
  2. i don't get it why people always post their before and after pictures in different lightning conditions.. the 'improvement' is minimal, though
  3. are you serious, dude? scars?
  4. @robertitoo: thanks! after going through your thread again..is there any particular reason why you're using this kangzhu chinese cupping set? there are dozens of cupping sets out there, even smaller and hand-friendly ones specifically for facial cupping. all these sets seem to have the same or a similar working pump though. in what point differs this chinese set from the other ones? smaller cups? ..unfortunately it is not available in my country at the moment..
  5. robertitoo, to put the cherry on the top, it would be really helpful to some of us if you could post a tutorial video that shows an entire suction or microneedling session of yours on tape !
  6. @liberte which 'suction machine' did you use? same as robertitoo mentioned in his theard? great results so far..hopefully it stays that way !
  7. hey mr.matt, where i can find such copies on the internet? and which copies did you use to convince your dermatologist?
  8. sorry mate but if you're a loser now then you were already an inner loser years before acne happend to you. just sayin.. c'mon..
  9. u have weird skin. but no real scarring. minimal icepick. minimal.
  10. to be honest: i don't see much improvement on your scars. your skin texture is a little bit smoother but all the deep scars are still there.
  11. please post your final results under the same lightning as the 2009-before-any-treatment-picture. that would be really helpful to evaluate the success of your journey.
  12. ..damn matt, has your skin condition changed after your 30 days post-subcision-photos?
  13. any updates here? one of the best improvements i've ever seen.. (..and probably one of my biggest hopes)
  14. you have moderate scarring (rolling scars/ the enlarged pores are not that bad) look into subcision and a skilled doctor who is able to do this procedure. you are a good candidate for subcision.
  15. great theard! holeydood, will these silicone injections last forever?
  16. stop crying, dude. it's awful- i mean you're crying all the time about this fuckin shit. you're crying since your fuckin dairy and you were crying before the fuckin dairy, so what the fuck, eh? i've also severe scarring but i'm trying to find a solution for this fuckin problem- and there are many treatments out there..for every type of scarring and many of them work! chin up, dude! cheers
  17. yeah, ziko is right. try to recreate the same lighting as in your before pics and we can see the real improvement.
  18. you have icepick scars and rough skin with enlarged pores. it's definitely treatable. look into TCA cross for the icepicks and maybe a TCA peeling for the enlarged pores. you will see good up to great results if your derm is skillful enough..