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  1. I put on tazorac before, wait a minute then lotion. I tend to put it again after the lotion just to make sure cuz i feel like the lotion takes it away.
  2. Well I put it on before, but I think they tell you to put it on after because it can get cracked and drying. It really depends on how your skin responds to it. Some people get really sensitive to it but for me its fine. But I think they tell you that to be on the safe side.
  3. I think it really sux when I read a post about how much tazorac sucked for them. Tazorac seriously was the miracle that helps me to this day. I wonder why its different for others. During the winter my skin does get dry but not to the extreme where Im cursing at it. That sucks I wish it would work for you guys. =(
  4. I tried it bought the set and never used the whole thing. It totally dried up my skin and made me break out more. At first it seemed okay but I ended up not using it anymore. Also, 130? wow where you buy it? I think you should totally try googling other websites that sell it for cheaper. I ended up throwing it away.
  5. i would recommend EltaMD UV Sheild SPF 45 Oil-Free by Elta MD its for acne prone skin
  6. Have you considered the TCA peels? my doc told me those are really good for scars. But they are more expensive than $100. There are some websites were you can buy it and do it yourself for waay cheaper. Anyways if that doesnt work out maybe some lasers will do. But I kinda think there are some type of scars that wont really heal. Like the really old and deep ones.
  7. Hi , Ive had it done about six weeks ago but only cheeks, and Ive done my second treatment this past Friday as well but full face. I too started peeling this morning. To be honest I havent really noticed much. My face is glowy and nicer but the red marks I have faded somewhat but not extreme. They told me that you would continue to see improvement over the months. So I dont think you should lose hope. It takes time to build up collagen. Im not sure what kind of scars you have but I dont think a
  8. im always mentioning this product i sound like a salesman, anyways ELTA MD, check it out. google it. im just not to sure about antioxidant infused.
  9. Hey guys, yes i was able to go to class. i started peeling sunday night and my goodness when it peels it peels rapidly. by 6 i only had a patch of unpeeled skin on my left cheekbone. nothing major. i didnt wear aquaphor, i put on cetaphil hydrating lotion. by the next morning it was gone. my skin does feel softer. i kinda feel like she didnt use such a high strength. i dont know if thats a good or bad thing. they want to do full face in november but i think i will push it to january.
  10. Elta MD, its the best. its oil free and its for acne prone skin. you can find it online only
  11. that is awesome! im so glad to hear theres a high chance of these red marks going away. i think i will have to suck it up and go to class tomorrow night. ill probably wear a hood, its cold nowadays anyways.
  12. I got it done only on my cheeks. They used the smooth beam on my forehead and any other clear areas. my full face appointment is next month. i have school on monday and i cant miss it. =( i am not sure what to do. well i have high hopes about the procedure, my scars are fairly new, since like may, and they are just a lot of red marks.i do believe the procedure will have good results, overtime skin will get better. it just needs time to build up collagen.
  13. i had it done today and my face looks like jobee. is there anything that will speed up the process? i have class monday night that i cant miss. women are more self conscious bout their appearance you know. i think the reason why they had quoted so little to jobee was cuz it wasnt full face. when i told doc i wanted my last 2 treatments to be mixto he didnt like that cuz of how much he charged per treatment. so he "hooked" me up with authorizing just affected areas only and the last one being ful